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Okay I love this post! Similar to Erin's Ten on Tuesday but I like your 12 and the randomness!:)


I loved Holly Henry too!! I sobbed through her whole performance :)))) Glad you are getting better!


Is whooping cough one of those things a person only gets once in their life? I sure hope so!
I once had onion rings at A&W and it was St. Patrick's day and the server at the drive thru window had a green wig on. She was so happy, and warned me not to eat those super hot onion rings right away because I didn't want to ruin my day burning my mouth on a hot ring. I called her manager later, to tell him about the great service and I just about cried when he said "We never get these kind of phone calls." He knew exactly who I was calling about and said they all felt that way about her.


Awesome update Karen! I like to tell managers compliments about employees too. One time I asked at a restaurant to see the manager. She came out all grumpy looking as she was expecting to hear a complaint I assume. When I told her how happy I was with their delicious food she turned totally around. Makes me feel good to see that happen. Have a great week!


Wonderful post Karen!! So cool that Erin came to visit! We love Holly Henry too and all of us were crying when we saw her on TV. And Ashton's message was unbelievable!! Hope you fell better soon!! ♥

stephanie ackerman

love love love #8 (not while they are happening, but the light bulb moment at the end) and how our problems always turn into a purpose!

Stephanie P

Thank you for sharing ALL of this! I haven't seen all of The Voice auditions but, dang! Holly Henry is AMAZING! And, I got goose bumps then cried when I saw her little brother tear up. THAT is why I love The Voice! I am also in love with Chris 'Ashton' Kutcher's speech - can't wait to show my kids that one too! One last thing - the quote about breakthroughs is awesome. Thank you again, I needed to read/hear/see all of this today - hope you feel better soon - you are a wonderful person!


Wow! Granted I'm recovering from a virus, so I may be a bit wimpy right now, Ashton has me in tears. Can't wait to show my 11-y-o!
Karen, all of the items on this list, plus great photography of course, examples of why I have continued to follow you for many years now,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Amanda Rowe

YOU (!!!) are one of my two most favorite storytelling photographers ever. I come to the blog to watch and read your life (no matter how simple, or perfect, or messed up it may seem at the time) play out. Thank you for sharing your story.


You are my favorite photo story teller too. I love reading little snippets of your life no matter what they are. Lot I can really relate to and have made an impact on me. I hope you had a great time with Erin. Holly Henry was on the radio the other day doing an interview. She sounds so sweet. Fun that she is a Twin Cities girl too, which is where I am from. :)


I think he was multiplying his love for you. as in "I love you" multiplied 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 times over.....? Is this right?

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