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Wonderful photos, the colours, the leaves the night time have been busy girl!!! Look forward to the next post when you take a breath. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Bravo...every shot a winner...the entire day...a winner....the blog you are now home.....everyone wins! LOVE every photo. Have a wonderful, get ready for Halloween week.


These were all great pics! Did you detour through Milo then end up at Tollys?!! And your Beavs shirt is so cute!


Awesome photos Karen! Yan's looking so grown up...and the photo's she took, well, looks like watching mom has taught her so much already! You have a great family (and yes I know that they are not perfect) and love hearing about your adventures.

Kelli Williams

Love the bridge photos! And the game ones! Their expressions are priceless!


I can't get over how the leaves have already turned---they're still green in Georgia.
My favorite photo is the one of Annie in the candy store with the hat pulled down over her eyes.


Great pictures! Annie is getting quite good with the camera. I was watching the game (rooting for Stanford...sorry), and kept looking for Josh and Cole. I figured they would be at the game.


These are super cute photos, as usual. Thanks for sharing.


Aww, you mean we were in the same State this weekend??? lol

Great pics of the game--sorry for the loss....;)


i LOVE the pics of Annie and Josh when Annie's wearing the beanie! Every single one!!!!!!!!!


TOLLY'S!!!!! Hope you enjoyed it! Such a wonderful place :) Oakland is one of a kind!


Karen, I don't know if anyone has told you this (or experienced this), but your site is rendering SO much smaller than normal, to the point that the text is not ledgible. I'm on Chrome on a PC. Everything in the blog is smaller and while I can still see the pictures, not being able to read your words takes a lot of the fun out of stopping by. I just wanted to make you aware in case you hadn't heard this from anyone else. I've had no issue with any other web page, so I am pretty sure it's not my browser or settings. Go Beavers!


Hey, I know that covered bridge very well @Milo Academy in Days Creek!! Fantastic photos and I really love your B&W conversations!! Annie is looking so grown up and I love her hair in braids!


Great pics! I ended up at the Beaver game as well. It was great weather for a game!

bubblegum casting

Great photos !

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