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Debbie J. :)

Happy, Happy Birthday Cole!


Wow... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. You are double digits and you get to purchase your own fishing license now! Enjoy all the responsibility 13 brings.
You are a wonderful son and special young man.
Happy 13th Birthday Cole!


Happy Birthday, Cole! You did a great job with your birthday post. I hope you enjoy your time in Seattle.


Happy Birthday Cole! Your mom and dad are lucky to have such a awesome kid. Have a great birthday and welcome to the teens!


Happy Birthday Cole! Hope you have a wonderful time in Seattle!


Happiest Birthday to you, Cole! Love your shoutouts to your classmates- that was so thoughtful! Hope 13 is a super year for you! :)


happy happy 13th birthday cole!! i live here in seattle and hope you have an awesome time at gameworks today. my son and husband love to go there. so happy you are having such fun birthday surprise


Have an amazing Birthday and weekend with your Big Bro!!


Happy 13th Birthday Cole...have a great time celebrating! Love it when you write a post!!


Happy Birthday Cole!! You are an amazing young man with wonderful taste in books! :))) Hope your day is great!


Happy birthday, little dude! I turned thirteen 8 long years ago - your teens are some of the best years of your life!


Happy birthday Cole! I hope you have a great birthday! Welcome to your teen years! Great blog post!


happy birthday, I am honored to share the same birthday with you!


Happy Birthday Cole! My son shares your birthday too, however he is only turning two! Have a great time in Seattle.

Vicki A

That is so awesome! Such a cool mom you have, Cole! Happy 13th birthday! :)

amy jupin

happy bday cole!
live it up and stay up LATE!

Kathy R in NC

Happy Birthday Cole! Have a great time with all your family in Seattle!!


Happy birthday Cole!! And thanks for wishing me a happy birthday! I'd love to hear other "Cole approved" books in future blog posts. My son is almost 11 and loves to read, too, but he's picky so I'm always looking for new stuff. Have a great time in Seattle!


Happy Birthday, Cole! You look so much older already (maybe it's the haircut). I met you at one of the June HTWs and really, you do look much older than you did back then. What a fun mom you have, you lucky kid. Enjoy your trip!


Happy Birthday Cole!! Welcome to being a teenager and enjoy your time in Seattle.

DeAnne Watson

Happy birthday, Cole!


Happy birthday and congrats to Mom for getting another one into the teenage years. Be safe and have fun!


Happy birthday Cole!!! Enjoy your new book!


And, I would love a Cole approved book list too. My son and I enjoyed Bronze Bow from your recommendation. My son reads so much, we would love your ideas!


Happy Birthday Cole! What an awesome surprise to be able to go to Seattle and celebrate with your older brother and aunt too!


Happy, happy, birthday Cole! I hope you have a wonderful time at Gameworks -awesome place! Glad you get to spend it with your favorite brother and your Aunt too. Have a great time, being a teenager is pretty dang cool!


Love your posts Cole and Congrats on turning 13! Have a wonderful time with the best big brother ever! I think your mom deserves a Mother of the Year award for this don't you? Much love and hugs


Happy 13th Birthday, Cole!!! (It's not Hope y'all have a blast in Seattle!!!! :)


Happy Birthday, Cole! Have fun in Seattle!


Happy birthday, dude! Sounds like you have some sweet birthday weekend plans. Have fun!


Happy Birthday, Cole!! I hope you have a wonderful time up in Seattle!

Amy Taylor

Happy 13th Birthday Cole! Loved your blog post! :)


Happy #13 Cole!!! hope you have the best birthday yet and enjoy your time with your aunt and Ross!


Happy 13th Birthday Cole!! Totally enjoyed your blog post and love how your mom surprised you with a fun trip to Seattle!! Hope your special day is a blast!

Sandra Klary

Wishing you a very happy special birthday, Cole!! 13 is a big step and having a big brother as a role model while being a teenager has to be awesome! ;) Enjoy your stay in Seattle!!!


Cole! Happy birthday to you. I smiled big when I saw your post because I knew your Mom's plan and figured you would approve. I was also thrilled to learn recently that we share that awesome 10/17 date. A VERY special date if I do say so myself. Enjoy Seattle and beware of those flying fish.

PS: I love when you blog. Looking forward to more thoughts from you!

Kirsten J

Happy birthday Cole! Hope the sun burns through the fog here in Seattle and you have a great time celebrating!

Julie Pilch

Happy Birthday Cole from the Pilch family in the UK xxx

anne leglise

Bon anniversaire, Cole! I wish you tons of fun on your teen age years:-)

Sasha Farina

Happy Birthday Cole!!

Carole R

Great post - hope you enjoy your time with your family in Seatle


Happy Birthday Cole! I hope it was a wonderful day filled with good times!

Michelle Last

Happy Birthday Cole, you are a natural blogger, have fun with your big bro!!


Happiest of birthdays to one cool teenager! My great niece is turning 12 share the day with some very special people. Have fun.


Happy Birthday Cole! Have a wonderful time with Ross and your Aunt Lee Lee!

Tonia Grant

Happy Birthday Cole, awesome writing!!!!


Happy birthday Cole! I hope you have a great day and a great year. Your haircut looks good too!!


🎉Happy Birthday Cole! 🎉
Great to hear from you on such a special day!

Heather T.

Cole, you need a blog of your own. I think kids in general (and my own son near your age) need to hear your positive, life-loving voice. Happy birthday!


13 is my older daughter's favorite number and in some countries it is lucky! I hope you have the best birthday and it is supposed to be sunny in Seattle this weekend! You should try Trophy they are the best! Cake Envy out by Green Lake is also another favorite cupcake joint.


Happy Birthday Cole!!

Rachelle S

Hapy Birthday Cole!

Heather B.

Cole...have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy your weekend!

Nicky from Okotoks

Happy Birthday Cole - glad you enjoyed your surprise - hoping it is fun fun fun!!!

Kristen Ault

Happy big 13 Cole!!! How cool of a gift did your mom come up with?! I hope you are enjoying Seattle and have tons of fun!

Andrea :)

Happy, Happy 13th Birthday Cole! It was so nice to meet you at your Mom's Hometown Workshop. I remember thinking that I hope that my little boys grow up to be as nice as you are. :) Enjoy your weekend!

Kelli Williams

Happy birthday from Canada. I hope you have the best time ever!

fran heupel

Cole wishing you a very Happy 13th Birthday. Love your post and hope you a having a wonderful time with your family. Enjoy this special day.


Happy birthday Cole!!! And I reading posts from you - please keep up the great work!


Happy 13th Birthday Cole. I love hearing from you, and I think you should post more often. Also, I am loving your new haircut...very cool and grown up!

Penny M.

Happy birthday Cole!! What a nice post, and special day you had! Always look forward to "hearing" from you. :)


13 is a really special birthday-sounds like your was extra special. I love following your birthdays since you're just about the same age as my son (who will be 13 in the spring).


Happy birthday lil cuz! I can NOT believe you are a teenager now! I miss you guys so much, and I hope your birthday was awesome! Sounds like it was! xoxo, Roshelle

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