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This is a very dangerous post for me to read before eating my breakfast..oh gosh...that sweetness looks amazing. Have a wonderful weekend. I know the attendees will love every morsel of your workshop!!!


Love seeing those cupcakes so early in the day! If only WE had that place! LOL Love ya Karen!


I loved cupcake night...they helped to survive only 3.75 hours of sleep!

Kathy R in NC

Totally scrumptious!

Mary Jo

Beautiful photos! I'm need to take your class, I'm need to take your class, I'm need to take your class etc, etc, etc.......

Nicky from Okotoks

Missing the extra special things that you do - hope that your current session is going amazingly!! Still smiling from our session and missing everyone!!


What I'd give for another one of those cupcakes! Miss you!

Rachelle S

YUM! Loved cupcake night :)


I can close my eyes and still taste that cupcake!


Mmm. The best cupcake I've ever tasted from the best workshop ever. Feeling nostalgic this weekend.


This. Is. Torture! I want to go pay that bill too! And I want the cupcake ferry to deliver a cupcake to my pillow at home! Miss ya!

Anna P from RI

Best. Cupcake. Ever. Second only to the company of my Homies and Karen. Hugs!


Ditto what Jacki said! :)

I love Annie's dress!!


What Anna said!


I ate one of these cupcakes last year, errr, I mean last weekend (feels like forever ago) and it was awesome! wishing I had one now and the wonderful company of my workshop friends and the fabulously awesome genuine beautiful Karen Russell!

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