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I am beaming! This made my day to see all these memories!

Jen Fike

Beautiful! I'm so sad that your not gonna do anymore workshops. :( I was on your waiting list for this years workshops. What a great weekend for all of you!

Nicky from Okotoks

Because of how special you are - we all walked away seeing ourselves in a new light!! You have a gift!! To my wonderful roommates and lifelong friends now - I am a new person!!! Wonderful souls meant to be shared!!!


I love seeing the photos from other workshops! I love knowing how much fun they are having!


So so happy you were all blessed to attend together. Loved peeking into the fun you were having.

Sue Crinnion

These pictures certainly "tell a story." I am laughing out loud literally looking at these (and maybe crying a little too!) Whoever it was in the September 12 workshop group that was able to switch to the second weekend so I could come on the 5th, I owe you so much!!!


So amazing! Awesome of you to give so much of yourself so they could all grow and see the beauty that you see in people!


Gorgeous women and gorgeous shots!

Kathy R in NC

Oh...this makes me happy today! Thank you for posting these beautiful memories...


It is so nice to see everyone this morning. I miss you all!. I miss you Karen, thank you for the opportunity to meet you, your family, and all the lovely ladies. It was a weekend I will never forget.

Jennifer S

I love love love seeing ALL the workshop photos!!! SO blessed to have attended one, a once in a lifetime moment! Every photo brings back warm happy memories! Love you Karen!

Andrea :)

Oh Karen, I am laughing and crying all at once. Such beautiful, happy memories! How truly blessed I am to have got to have attended one of your workshops. I got to meet you and all the amazing ladies. I miss you all! You were so right about taking a leap out of my comfort zone (it was a huge leap for me) to get where the magic happens. It was magical weekend that I will never forget! You have such a special gift. :)
"I do believe I have been changed for the better."


Absolutely beautiful words and beautiful shots. But, dang it, someone is always doing those dishes!! :)

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