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A plan and purpose are central to happiness and are full of plans and your happiness and love spill over in your photos. Ecclesiastes 3:1, is a favorite verse when I am lamenting that I didn't get accomplished what was in my head.....your heart is full as well as your life. Thank goodness you have such wonderful plans...all involving people that you love. Happy fall.


what a great idea for a blog post. I may have to steal it sometime--LOL! The pictures are beautiful of course. It always seems to go by too fast and we are feeling the Fall weather here in New England! Not ready for it! You have such great ideas!

Kelli Williams

Did you plan on meeting me? Did you plan on having an impact on our lives? Did you plan on being quoted for days after we met? Maybe months? Did you plan on being seranaded by giggling women? No? Well, some of the un-planned things you did we're pretty awesome in my book! Don't dwell too long on those things you didn't do, there's still time!


Sometimes the best laid plans must make room for something better - like picking berries on a warm summer evening with your daughter. My son is the same age as Annie, and so many times this summer I caught myself wanting to stop time for just a moment, to keep him this age forever. Those pictures of Annie are much more priceless than all of those best laid plans. :)

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

I agree! Although I'm also ready for it to cool down so I can eat my favorite fall comfort foods. We're having weird between-seasons weather, and it's just not cool enough for fall stuff, but also not warm enough to still feel like summer. *Sigh*. Time to remember to rejoice and be glad in each day that the Lord has made!

Also, just have to say that I love the third picture down..."hmmm, which one next?"

mandy friend

seriously! I thought that all day yesterday as we started our school year. HOW did summer get by wihtout ANY of my list for summer getting checked off? GRRR. But, I have to say I am glad for Fall and routine and cooler nights!


beautiful as always. I was just catching up on your blog and then I seen your picture. Then your moms picture. I'm kinda sad. I miss you guys. I keep telling myself "don't cry because its over, smile because it happened." Over and over and over. then repeat. I am back to reality at home. A place I love with people I love, but Oh how frustrating and overwhelming it can be. I'm so very thankful for a very magical moment in my life. Love Misty <3


How funny to read this. LOVE the pics of Annie, btw! I found my son's and my summer list. I don't think we did half of it. I dreaded with a passion sending the kids back to school. I have such a hard time with that. They spend more time there (or home) doing school work, than they spend with their family. Something isn't right there. I don't see my sophomore anymore. A couple minutes right after school, dinner time and when she says good night. Now something is wrong with that picture. Weekends are much the same.. homework. The only positive though, I am glad she is driven to do well in school.


i know.
summer wish list was not accomplished here either-and my kids started Aug 14th! Bah Humbug. I love school in August like I love Christmas things at Costco in August.

On the up side, we must find contentment in our day & love the season God has us in...I hope your class just starting up is awesome. I miss it (all the photo chatter) terribly.
And hey, with as fast as summer came & went, its almost summer! ;)

Anna from RI

Misty, love how you repeat that quote. Didn't attend the same Hometown Workshop as you, but that card is out and in my face... brings a smile when I'm missing my Homies.

Kelli, as always the right words mixed with the right humor. Love ya Homie!

Karen, listen to Kelli. And you know I'm right because Anna is the answer... lol! Can't say this enough, but thank you for YOU! You made my summer!


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