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Rachelle S

LOL! Andy took 4 weeks to put in his transmission in June, so I TOTALLY understand (and we've both got paid off cars too, so REALLY understand that one!) Glad its behind you! Our mantra; repairs are cheaper than payments... repairs are cheaper than payments...


Better make it a double at deserve it. Hooray, a two car family.


Oh goodness! When you said his motorbike caught on fire, I just about lost it! As you may remember, we got a new to us car weeks before we went to Oregon. I love that little car. I'd love a new one, but the thought of a car payment makes me want to puke. Kerry's antique 1978 (give or take few years) Ford is a gas hog, but it cost him $40, and was my Grandpa's, he bought it new, and put a new engine in it. I love the sound it makes, and can hear Kerry from down the road. That's when I know to jump up and make it look like I haven't been in my pjs all day!
Glad you survived! And didn't have to spend a fortune!


Optimistically full of crap. I love it! And I completely understand how wonderful it is NOT to have a car payment! Paid my little Honda off earlier this year and I'm going to drive her 'til the wheels fall off (knocking on wood that doesn't happen soon). :)

mandy friend

there are so many times i read your blog and wonder why we don't hang out. Jerad takesforfreakinever to make descisions like this too. he is considering buying a truck from a guy at work. he asked my opinion and the first thing i said was, "you'd look totally hot in that." Only my guy is not optimistically full of crap. I think I'm probably more like Josh on that one. and last year? i had to call my mom to take me to the dmv on my bday since I had forgotten to renew my licence.


My Dad was a mechanic and he always told me that cars are a necessary evil. Pretty much! Car trouble rates right up there with a leaky roof.
I'm glad you're back on the road...

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