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She is just so beautiful!! Looks like she made some great choices!

Kelli Williams

I hope she got that first blue old navy dress! It looks great on her! She's growing up so fast!


goodness she is a beauty!


She is so pretty and her eyebrows are amazing:)

ellen patton

I want that black/red checked dress and the denim dress from Old Navy. Jealous!


Love the blue dress from old navy. So glad in Australia we wear school uniforms it's so much easier and of course no one at school feels like they are not wearing the latest trends. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Oh girls and shopping! You two found some cute things!!! She is growing up so fast! Such a pretty girl. :) I dread school shopping for my girls, well one girl. The oldest is now a bit older than Ross. Middle child is entering her sophomore year. Uniforms would make life so much easier. It's not easy to teach your kids it is not about keeping up with the Jones's and just because they are all running out breaking their parents bank on blinged out jeans from the Buckle (at $90 a pop!).. We go for the look alikes at $25-30/pr. (and she only got 2). You can still be fashionable and as trendy (at least as much as this mom will allow) without getting a 2nd mortgage. LOL $100 was my limit for clothes. She got one pair of casual/dress shoes and one pair of tennis shoe above and beyond the $100.

A Facebook User

So.........they money you save on the kids not growing and not needing new school clothes was the universe helping to provide for that orthodontist x 3! You Americans have the best teeth in the world - it'll be worth it. Yes expensive I have two with them now but worth it for those beautiful smiles.
Frances, Sydney Australia

Penny M.

I've lost count of how many years I've been following "Snapshots" and watching your kids grow up via the Web. Courtney Lee has grown into a gorgeous young lady!

I don' like shopping much and I don't like being hungry (thank God when I am hungry that it happens by choice and not by necessity, plus I get light headed sometimes) put the two together and I've got a real tragic experience coming my way. Haha.


Wow! Being Spared from the mall is always THE BEST feeling!!! :-)


gosh, Courtney is all grown up. she looks like more a teenager than Cole.

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