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Done. Happy to help. I have been around the block more than once with this, and have more understanding and hope for these girls (and families) than my heart could possibly hold. wish I could help more.


I would love to knit some baby booties. :)


Karen, I just have to say....look at the that sweet little baby foot....the letter K is made by the lines in its creases....YOU have definitely made an imprint on this family. Bravo! I noticed it immediately.
I too will try and get some baby booties made!

Stacey from Texas Panhandle

I will do what I can to help! inspire me! Thanks for sharing and for the UPDATE!!

Kelli Williams

You are amazing!

Judy Webb

I loved you years before this post, this was just a fresh reminder of why. Our local scrapbooking ladies Have just adopted the county department that assist abused and neglected women and their children. So much need. Keep your chin up and remember we love you and support you.


Karin a beautiful honest post. I would be so scared being pregnant in those circumstances. The great thing about you helping is that you have been in that situation yourself so you are not talking from a text book but from personal experience. I'm sure you assist these women in more ways than you can imagine. It is a great course and any mother out there would happily help. The photo is adorable and there is definately a K on the right foot in your photo. We all kmow how joyous but how hard motherhood is when we are surrounded by family and friends in our lovely homes let alone homeless. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Keep up the good work with these young ladies Karen. You ARE cut out for this. I know it means the world to some of these girls just to know that someone cares about them. You do a great job!


I'm a Catholic religious Sister three time zones away from you - I will chip in with #5!!!!

You are doing wonderful, vital work helping these young women - prayers for you too! God bless and keep you and your family.


and every time you don't know what to do, He does and will fill in the gaps.
your doing amazing stuff even if its just being there.


I attended a meeting at church this week and the guest speaker was from our local Pregnancy Care Center. Incredible. Thank you for doing what you do. Those girls need you! Praying for all of you because having Jesus on the journey is pretty important too! :)


I volunteered at a Pregnancy Center a few years ago that sounds just like the one you are working at.. I can totally relate to the rewards of this volunteering... How awesome! I remember the same scared young ladies who definitely never thought they'd be doing 2 AM feedings at their age.. I ended up having to quit volunteering due to schedule related things, but we still support the place and donate the same things you have listed.. I am so proud of you and of course-- fell in love with the photo of that darling boy! Thanks for sharing!


Oh Karen, if you were closer.. I have two strollers that need a home. It would cost a small fortune to mail from Wisconsin. I will go through and see if there is anything else left from when my kids were bitty. My littlest is 6.5.. so there just may be something laying around. You are doing a good thing here. :) (May I say, I wish my photography skills were even what they are today, and they aren't anything like yours but have improved so much. I would have so many great shots! LOVE the pic of his little feet).

Jennifer S

oh Karen.... you know I will have a package sent soon! Plenty of gently used baby stuff here!! xoxo

Terry (Russell) Enge

Hi Karen, I am a RN and work full time but was wondering what kind of commitment is needed for the sonographer? I am teachable and could be trained.

Kim S.

consider the package in the mail!

sharon Peters

Can we send baby booties from the UK?

Nancy Wyatt

I do love you so Karen, in a non weird way of course. LOL! You are an amazing person and gosh I wish I could meet you IRL one day! Hugs from Conroe, TX

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