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Nicole Prather

Karen :) did you love that book ? I just bought the happy home !

Kelli Williams

Haircuts are ok, but school supplies! Whoop whoop!


Love the poster on the wall in that 3rd shot. Sienna is in grade 2 like Annie however she is half way through grade 2 already (DOB 27/02/2006). James is turning 10 in 3 months - that one blows me away - double digits - sounds weird and like - you are growing up to fast for my liking. In another 10 years he will be a 20 year old boy (OMG - I can't imagine it) - what does that make me........ ready for the retirement village!!!! Cute photos. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Corrine Adams

Long days and short years is exactly how I'm feeling right now. Hope they have a great first day!


You nailed it! BEAUTIFULLY!!

Jennifer S

That is my FAVORITE sayng Karen!! (and its on some old Narratives STICKERS as well ;) We are doing the same run around here... Back to work for me too... waaaaah :(

Shannon L

I am feeling that way too..VERY long days kids go back to school a week from today except my littlest one, she's 2. I am looking forward to days that have a sense of routine and I can clean my house without someone constantly complaining that we are not outside. The horrors of not being outside ALL day long..I'm such a meanie! Love the pics..I'll have to remember to grab some of my kiddos when we are prepping for the big day!

Nancy Wyatt

Growing up way too fast! Love how you captured this part of getting ready for school!

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