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Thank you for your service Josh and family. Our nation is blessed by your giving spirit and sacrifice. This was so neat for the guys to see Dad in action. Thanks for sharing!


Agree with Tami above- must have been cool to see Dad at work and please pass along my thanks to him for his service.


What a fun trip! Great pictures!


Awesome!!! This family loves the Military!!! :)


That would have been an awesome day for the boys and you too....very cool. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


What an awesome trip for the boys!
Just when I think you can't get any better, you blow me away! I love the photos of the boys in the pool!
And your name isn't Karen Russell? Dang it! I have to have laser removal on my "I love Karen Russell" tattoo!


Amazing day, recorded in your amazing way. Gosh....just couldn't be better. The expressions, the shared time together, and having it all with Josh in his uniform and in his example that will always be with those boys...Lucky boys!

Jennifer S

I'm so jealous, I can never get a letter to take pics at my work!!! ( I may try again....) I'ms sure the boys loved it!


I spent 21 years on the flightline in the Air Force, most of the time as a weekend warrior (Reserves) doing exactly what Josh Downs does. Your photos bring back great memories. Thanks for your service!

Wendy Molnar

Aren't boys that age just a wonder? How proud must Cole have been to show his friend where his dad works for his country?

Nancy Wyatt

What a fun trip and the pool photos made me literally laugh out loud! What an awesome trip!! And the photos! Geeze, you are amazing!


We just finished watching the final episode of Friday Night Lights (yes, we're way behind, but loved every second of each episode) last night. My older daughter is watching cast interviews on You Tube & I told her to come look at the pics of your husband. She can't believe how much he looks like Coach T. I told her that from what I've read on your blog that he is like him in personality, too. Great pics, and thanks to your husband for his service.

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