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Kelli Williams

She looks like she's doing a super thorough job! Better than I would do!
Don't forget who your favorite hometownies are! I'm sure the next two groups will be okay, but we all know the truth!


I'm trying to picture you standing over the sink to get the shot from above ;)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

She's so cute! Mine are older, and I think she's doing a better job. Can we borrow her in NY for a bit?



Michelle (aka mybelle101)

I love it! Training my kiddos the same way...hopefully I (and their future wives) will reap some benefits!

Enjoy your kid time...that's the stuff life is all about ;)


Beautiful photos and I love how enthusiastic she is in the beginning and then the interest wears off at the true. Love them. So wish I was in one of your workshops!! Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Have a wonderful workshop...lucky for all the attendees. Were you standing on the sink to get that shot of cutie pie...#8? I have a visual of it..and am smiling. You make dishes seem like it is a luxury...and actually I guess it is, since we have such nice kitchens, and running water, and so many comforts. Thanks for starting my day with thoughts of sweet Annie, your talents, and making the ordinary, extraordinary.


I second Kelli!


It's so good to teach kids responsibility!

Love seeing your home in your pictures. Would love maybe a home tour soon?

Nancy Wyatt

I LOVE this!! I am one who was taught early on responsibility and I think it helped me so much!! She is looking so grown up in these photos though! Where is your baby girl?! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

Anna from RI

Isn't wonderful to have household take turns? My boys unload dishwasher, wash/dry big pans. With my A-type personality I just not able let go of loading. Nobody can pack like Mom can :). Hugs from Anna, THE answer.

P.S. your upcoming hometown will be great! I speak from experience...

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