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Mary Jo

What a totally awesome idea to keep kids in God's Word and God's Word in their hearts!


this is brilliant -- what an amazing mom and I love your sharing of God here-- we Christians all need to take a lesson and share these things-- Thank YOU Karen


I think this is a great idea. I love listening to sermons in the car, especially on the rare occasion when I get a long car trip alone, but I've never thought of finding a sermon for my daughter and her friends. I might combine car church with a trip to a local spot where they can get out and run around for awhile. Thanks Karen.

Laura C

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Listened to the message - it's awesome and so perfect for my son. Thank you so much for sharing.

Deanna Misner

What a great idea! i love that you're being so intentional about getting the Word into your kids! Hands down my favorite "kid/teen" guy is Joe White, of Kanakuk Kamps. He and his family, as well as my time spent at kamp, have had a very profound impact on me. Here's a couple of links to Amazon:

1. Faith Training: Raising Kids who love the Lord

2. Fuel: Devotions to Ignite the faith of parents and teens

Keep up the great parenting! Even though we all feel like we're failing sometimes, I love that sometimes my kids learn the most when I fall flat on my face,that I too have to rely on my Savior.


Thank you Karen, thank you soooo much for this post. I have such a battle everyday with my own unpluggedness (great word by the way!)and fail so often at helping my kids to read the Bible & pray but this idea has totally inspired me to try something similar with my own 3 kids. I had never even thought of hunting out sermons aimed at young people and I know I will blessed just by spending time listening to sermons/preparing questions and that in turn will be a blessing to my family. And I'm totally going to steal your questions from the above post, thanks!


Karen...good for you...this is an awesome idea!! I totally agree with you being plugged into God's word...we sure know when we aren't don't we? Check out Shauna Niequist's book "Bread & Wine"...she has a great recipe for breakfast cookies, maybe that would be a "healthy" treat for the kids. Plus it's a great book!!


I love this!!! I hope you keep sharing! This is perfect for our drives to the cabin on Friday evenings nearly every week. Love it!!!!


OH MY GOODNESS!! I love this!! We have a 7yr old little girl, and I have been trying to come up with ideas to help her (and me) get into scripture more and learn how to live her life for God. Thank you for this!!

Kelli Williams

You are amazing!


Great idea Karen!


Here is a great speaker for youth: Hank Smith
(this is a LDS speaker, not sure if that matters to you or not!)
Great idea - Car Church :)


Wow what a great idea. You always find a way to inspire!! :))

Carrie purkis

Love this, I will be praying that you can stick with it. Satan loves to get us side tracked when you're on to some spiritual growth.

Jessica Woodford

Karen, this is SO wonderful! My kids & I were in town last weekend and were able to make it to the Sunday service at Applegate (a few of our past pastors have come from Applegate so we've heard so many great things about it and wanted to experience it ourselves). It was truly to try to come every weekend!! :) I might just have to use your notes for the kids too!


thank you Karen for bringing Jesus to this blog... it just shows the true you..


Hi Karen - Love, love love this idea!!! This is the best. Instead of Game Night, it's Car Church night!! You really do inspire. I love the thinking on a long trip - awesome stuff. Thank you!

Brandi Talmadge

I LOVE IT!!! Great idea Karen - In today's world, we hear so much about God being taken out of so many things in our daily existence, so it's extremely refreshing to know that some parents are teaching their children the word of God and becoming the best they can be through his word. After all, it's what our time here in this life is all about. God Bless!

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

I love love love this, Karen! This is exactly what I've been thinking about and fearing for and talking about to my own boys, so the timing is perfect (but then, God's always is, isn't it?) ;) I think I'll start my own Car Church! Thank you!!

Sara Mangan

I love this idea. I am going to do this with my kids. You have the best ideas!


Karen, this is such a great idea! My kids are a little too young for this now, but I plan to pass it on to a few friends and keep in mind for a few years down the road! I love the worksheets and totally quizzed myself before finding the answers!! Love!


Karen, what a great idea. Wish I had done that for my kiddos when they were younger and still living at home. Think I will use this for my grandson when he gets a bit older. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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