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Wish I was 'yours'....what an absolutely wonderful day. Annie is a lucky one...Karen is a lucky one...we are lucky ones to have your posts. Thank you!


I was there! And I did go into one store with booths of junk, but I don't think it was that one.
But I really wish I'd been able to have the fish tacos!
It looks like you had a very good day!


She is growing up so fast. I will never forget looking out my side window one afternoon and watching you photograph her on a blanket when she was a baby. (before I knew you were a photographer!) The play yard next door has been quiet ever since you moved. Coley was the greatest conversationalist!
And I agree, Circle J is the BEST!!

Amy N.

I love, love, love this post! I took my folks to Circle J (and I had the fish tacos....gosh I'm hungry now), we also went to Blind George's (best caramel corn I've ever eaten....and I've eaten quite a bit), and the junk was one of my faves of the entire trip! In fact, I just unpacked the pretty pink doily I bought from there this morning! :) Miss you, miss your family, miss Oregon and miss my Hometown peeps!

Rachelle S

Look at you taking pictures of food! :) And the Annie being Zen photo cracks me up ~ glad you guys had a great day.


Annie is looking so grown up! What a wonderful day you both had.

Anna P from RI

Poo... Wish I kept up with blog before I went with my youngest last week. you made shoe shopping look so fun! Love the compositions and how you're including yourself via mirrors!

Second Amy N... Such fond memories of Hometown AND best birthday ever :)

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