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Karen, that is a GREAT picture! Love it!!! You've done good with those kids! Keep up the good work! :)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

You know what? Over the many years I've been following your blog, and took your class, I've read the words "my favorite picture of him" several times. and I totally get it. Because the thing about your Cole is, his whole heart shines in that face, and you can tell how much love he has for you right there. Yeah, pretty much EVERY shot of Cole has to be a favorite.


you done good Kare.... he's absolutely awwwwwwdorable.


Yup. What Stephanie said. My exact same thought.

Colleen Stankiewicz

I loved playing games with Coley during the workshop...a very cool kids.


Love the pic! I think Coley needs to blog in your stead when you take your annual hiatus! (when is that? lol)


He did a great job! Will each child take a turn at guest blogging? Your photos are amazing!


He is easy to LOVE...easy on the eyes, and he has the personality that makes him shine. He is definitely letting God's love shine through his eyes. You and J. are such good role models. Thank you are giving him to opportunity to share. I definitely understand why this is your all time least for today!

Nancy Naylor

He is a special young man and through the blog, your words and his thoughts, the love of God shines though him.

Nicky from Okotoks

you going an amazing job!!!


Loved Cole's post. My nephew just turned 13 a couple of days ago. And he is going to church camp on the coast next week. The two boys would probably be good friends. Loves God and loves hitting people with things-pool noodles, swords, frisbees, snowballs. I think that may come from having two sisters as well. Go figure.


I'll be waiting for Cole's Snapshots of a Good Life blog. (or whatever he names it!)
I think it's pretty special that he wants to read your blog.


Hi Karen – SSOAGL Alumni here I was just curious if you ever video tape your family? I have been obsessed with taking pictures of my family ever since my daughter was born five years ago, but my mother-in- law died three weeks ago and thankfully I took a ton of pictures of her because none of her five kids did BUT one of the things we were sad about was the lack of video tapes to actually see her interact with others and her voice. It got me thinking that maybe I should spend some time doing that instead of still frame pictures. I have the 7d which has video too! Just curious if you do this and if you do, what’s your process with it? Maybe nothing…maybe you video tape and then put it in a box



amazing! He's not only totally photogenic- but amazingly SMART and sentimental also-- love that!!

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