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I know we talked about social anxiety in the last workshop and we often feel the same way. The funny thing is I was feeling the EXACT same way on Friday. Someone I went to school with and had not seen in over 20 years (we reconnected on FB and have a lot of things in common) wanted to start a book club and asked me to be in it. I said yes which was very unlike me and then she asked me to pick the first book which then meant I couldn't bail. Oh how I dreaded it all week long! And all day Friday. But, I went and I actually had fun and I was SO proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. I will probably feel the same way next month, but at least I know for sure that I won't actually die when I go. ;)


Oh, Karen!
I went to this workshop a few weeks ago, it was pretty scary to not know anyone! But you made all the difference!
I'm glad you had that lens!


HUGS to you! i have the exact same social anxiety as you! I do not do well in groups, in fact I find myself not having many friends at all and just staying in my house and working and enjoying my online friends!!!! as a friend once told me, I'm cooler online. ha ha! she said I don't "ream cool". :( and then add in the whole body imperfections I have! me too with the sausage legs. in high school a boy once told me I had thunder thighs. thanks! ha ha! thankfully my hubby loves me just the way I am! And I LOVE how your hubby supports you and that you had a sweet text asking you how your day went! that just warms my heart!

Carol Shrader

I could have written this post. Proud of you for going!

kristi b

I love that you keep things real.

Good for you...and your friend for bringing an extra pair of shorts!


Gorgeous lake! I love the realization of bringing the 'right' lens in the end. Thanks for sharing such an open post!

Rachelle S

So glad you ended up having a great time! Proud of your adventure and happy all ended well! and Hi Coral! (waving,waving!)

Julie Bonney

I'm so glad that you made it to Squaw Lakes. I saw them for the first time earlier this year, I think early May, and I was blown away. There were beautiful yellow iris beginning to bloom all around the lake shore. And good for you for feeling the fear and doing it anyway! You go girl! So glad that you let go and enjoyed yourself.


Love, love, love! Love the pics, love the story and love you for turning your day around! There are always things we could pick apart concerning our bodies and being in public. But at the end of my days, my son can say that I swam with him, played with him, sweat my ass off riding bikes with him, etc. The other people don't matter, do what makes your little family happy and the memories will be awesome! Hugs!


Oh Karen, thank you so much for sharing this. That social anxiety is crippling, and yet when we are brave enough to not let it win, we are rewarded with these wonderful, wonderful times! So glad you had a great day:-)


The lake looks absolutely beautiful and on a summers day it would have been lovely to swim in and out of the lake....glad you pushed yourself to go. Sometimes you should make the decision after you have done it to see whether it was worth it rather than before not having been. At the end of the day what have you got to be scared off...everyone has there own insecurities even A-list movie stars like Beyonce (yes, would you believe it).... for a little bit of anxiousness getting there (how long was that...a little drive) and to see they are people just like you wanting to spend a pleasant day with their kids at the lake. I'm glad you made the effort and got out of your comfort zone to enjoy a beautiful day that you would have otherwise missed out on. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Nicky from Okotoks

Way to go Karen!!! Glad you went and pushed thru your anxiety!!

mandy friend

Girl, don't you worry...all of us homeschooling moms are just as awkward/insecure/screwingourkidsup as you are ;) And how have I not been to Squaw Lake?

Amanda Rowe

i love e v e r y t h i n g about this post. the story. the photos. i'm not a fan of shorts in public either. i actually get nervous at the gym and hope that everyone is too busy watching me pour sweat in buckets to notice my thighs flapping in the wind.


This was awesome. I'm such a social freak it's not even funny. I often find myself in the opposite situation, I'm the homeschooling mom in a large group of cool moms whose children go to school. I spend the day worrying about how lame I must seem to them, even though normally I could care less about how others see me. Thankfully I have a freakishly friendly son who must be social or he will go nuts. It forces me out there...and then I have fun :)


You wore those shorts like a boss! Reading this made me so happy, I think us women put so much stress on ourselves. Noone but you notices or cares about your sausage legs (even though I doubt that true) and the few people that would make snide nasty comments are just jerks and don't deserve a second thought. The lake is beautiful, and you are my hero for making it across on the paddle board, that is HARD!!!


I would have battled the same thoughts about not going and then maybe went and every time I'd have a great time - but go through the same thoughts every time.


Way to go! I have a different anxiety, working moms. I've been a SAHM for the past 4 years and now I find it difficult to talk about anything other than my kids, food I cook for my family and the pictures I take (thanks to you!). I've also become very cut off from world events, as we don't have cable TV and most of my computer time is spent editing photos or checking up on fb. So when I'm around women who work, I feel socially awkward and totally out of touch. And if they are working moms?... totally inadequate, as they are doing everything I am, and more. We all have some sort of anxiety that we don't measure up. Just keep pushing yourself. You'll have successes and failures, but each time will get a tad bit easier.


Love this post :)
Yes, I think it's been 12 years since I've worn shorts (I think the year the photo was taken for one of my workshop intro photos). We worry about silly things ourselves that I know other people don't even see.
I'm with you - I could never homeschool. My kids and I would all go nutty!


Love that you went into the water. You are so hard on yourself! I am bigger than you and would kill for your legs. I know its hard but you need to remember what kind of example you want to be for your kids. You wouldn't want Annie and Courtney to worry about their appearance. So very proud of you! and happy you and a great day!

marianne b

Listen up Karen. You are no longer allowed to refer to any part of your body as sausage-like. Every day, when you wake up, you are going to say to yourself...and to the universe, "Thank you for these lovely, long and shapely legs. I am grateful that they get up and go every single day." No more negativity. No. More. You have the power to change your internal dialogue. You would not want your daughters to see you sitting on the shore when it's 95 degrees because you were ashamed of how you looked. YOU are more than your legs. Put on shorts when it's hot because it cools you off. I know that you already know all this. You are perfect just the way you are!! =)

Julie in Aust.

I totally understand your anxiety Karen...I have spider veins all over my legs and they stop me from baring my legs anywhere...even at a friends spa or I'm always looking for another excuse not to go to an event where I would feel weird being the only one not in the water. I totally understand.

Colleen Stankiewicz

Do you need us to fly in and sing to you again????


You go girl. :)

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