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Thank you so very much for the prints! The first one is absolutely GORGEOUS. :)

Gina f.

The prints are amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

It may be random, but I like it! Great idea with the prints. And it's nice to see Ross again too. Wish you would come to NY for a visit, Karen!



I think we could be friends in real life, but I'm afraid you're gonna hate me when I tell you there is a typo in the Be Still print. But I do love it. I'm sorry!

mandy friend

think I'd fit in the trunk to the Alameda show?! SO jealous!!!

Deneen Cook

Love these prints :) Hope you have an amazing time this weekend!


That's pretty neat that Ross is there with your sister and friend!
Love the print for Cole's room, that song gets stuck in my head all the time.
The antiques fair looks like fun! Might put that on my list too!
I can't watch those reality shows, the meanness and petty behaviour really bothers me. We just finished watching The Big C, 2 seasons. I really liked it.


Thanks, Nellie! Love them all!!! :)


Oh... thank you! Thanks so much!


so, you know you're going to be about a 1/2 an hour away from me at that antique fair, right!!! this sure sounds like a cool thing to do!! maybe i'll surprise you and tap you on your shoulder to give you a hug!!! hope you have a great out of town weekend!!

Krista Lund

holy crap! you are going to be SO CLOSE to me this weekend! attending the Alamdea Antiques Faire is also on my bucket list!! Have a great time!!!


LOVE the last print!!! Thanks for the free down load! God bless you for helping at the pregnancy center!!!


I don't know where else to ask you.... but do tell us what you thought of The Bachelorette finale!!!! Good to see the good guy finish first, though a little unnerving how she confessed her (first) love for Brooks at the end! But I know where she was going with it... Go Chris! ;)

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