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Oh Karen, I can sympathize with you! I know that feeling to finish the painting, but 5 years later many of my doors are still unpainted...I hate painting trim and we totally renovated our 100 year old farmhouse, so I had to repaint every surface. I am slowly getting it done, but it is a BIG PAIN. I have to get it done soon as we plan on building our forever home soon next door. I wish you luck!


You go girl! This heat has been terrible! Felt pretty good about 10pm last night!


That's awesome! I want to paint all my house a lighter colour, because of you and your bright rooms. But someone doesn't think we need to. So I complained so much about Christmas being so dark at our house that I got that darn Mark 3, painting would have been only slightly less painful. But now I still want to paint!
I wish my kids wouldn't mind helping me paint.


Go, Karen, go!! It will look so nice and bright when you are done! I think you need an ice cold lemonade in a mason jar :)


You're amazing, Karen! I hired the painting of my doors this past January (why I did it in January is beyond me), and being the frugal gal that I am, now wish that I would've just done it myself! :) Sounds like the weather is back to where it was during the workshop......ack! Drink lots of water!


Ugh...reminds me what we need to do too! But they look beautiful and FRESH!!! :)

Robyn :)

I pained my guest bathroom today. It was the first time I ever painted a room. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be lol.


Oh, oh, oh! Cannot imagine. Hope you went out for dinner ...too tired and too hot to cook.


right there with you sister! I thought I would do a 'makeover' on the house to surprise my husband while he was out of town... 95*, no a/c, 3 kids and a baby! what was I thinking? good luck...

Cathy B.

As pretty as I am sure the doors are, when in an old house and the woodwork and doors are stained I believe they should stay that way. jmho......white does brighten everything up, I will give you that. And painting is a right pain, especially in this crazy summer heat.

valerie koop

Wondering what else you learned from painting the doors. I have been eyeing mine for 2 years. They need it!
What paint did you use? Did you have to sand them before primer?

Kim S.

I feel for you. We painted/stained our huge deck last week. My mom and boys helped while hubby worked. It's fun only for about an hour or two, then reality sets in and who cares if we ever see another paintbrush. Am I right? The finished product is so worth the hard work though. Stay hydrated!

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