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Sasha Farina

Hi Cole!!

Love reading about your camp experience!! :)
Keep the blogging up... would love to hear more from you!

You're a sweet kid, and an awesome brother from what I've seen!!
You're golden, but you know that already I bet.

Lots of love from Singapore


Cole, not only are you handsome, and by all accounts a good kid, you are a great blogger! Thanks for sharing your camp highlights, it sounds amazing! Congratulations on the 6 foot banana split, I have never heard of such a thing, but I can imagine how delicious it must have been! Glad you had a great time, I bet your parents and Annie missed you like crazy! Thanks again for sharing!


What a great first post, Cole! You're taking after your mom for sure :)
Sounds like you had such a great time at camp! We don't really have camp here in England so I never got to go when I was a kid - sure sounds like a lot of fun though.
It definitely is exciting becoming a teenager; I remember my thirteenth birthday like it was yesterday. It'll be awesome, for sure!
Sending you prayers all the way from London,


Thank you, Cole, for sharing. It was absolutely awesome! Just dropped my 10-y-o off yesterday. I needed your bright and shining report today! Thank you!


Awesome post! Thanks for sharing Cole! Sounds like you had a great time!


Cole, I hope you continue to blog - you're blog rocked! I loved hearing about your camp experience, sure sounds like you had a blast. I can't even imagine a 6 foot banana split, that is kinda sweet!


Yea Cole!
LOVED this post from you. You are quite the excellent blogger. I will look forward to more posts from you.
I remember well when my daughter came home from church camp when she was your age...she LOVED it too and your experiences sound very similar. These are the best of times and will be part of your lifetime memories. You are making such good choices, and I can tell from that sparkle in your eyes that God is good! Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great rest of the summer. And, btw....I LOVE how you love to read!!


Great job Cole, you did very well!!! Loved hearing about your camp trip. Sounds like you had a awesome time! Keep up the good job, kid--you are wonderful.

I hope to hear from you again!


and you are growing up into a fine young man!! great post Cole! so glad you had fun with God!! ;-)


Great post Cole! Good job!


Cole, you rock!


Super post! Really bad bruise... yikes! You made me smile this morning, with your highlights and love for Jesus. Thanks :)


You're awesome Cole! Great job blogging!

Lisa A

What a great post Cole! How can you not smile while reading that. Loved that you are concerned about your mom having a heart attack. :) Your bruise looks painful, but totally worth it, right? You should blog more often! And now, I must go get a banana split!!

Julie Pilch

Great post Cole, loved hearing about your camp. I bet my oldest daughter, Holly, would have loved to have eaten a 6 foot banana split too!! Hope your bruise isn't too sore after paintballing, its a pretty serious sport for young and old. Your mum must be so proud of what a wonderful young man you have become. Best wishes from the UK xxx


Thanks for the great post Cole! Hope to read many more blog post from you in the future! Sounds like you had a great time at camp - your bruise is truly awesome!


Hey Cole,

How about a post on your favorite books? Please? I always love to see your mom's photos of you reading.

PS - My favorite item on your list: #10


What a great blog post, Cole! Keep up the great, I'm pretty jealous that you got to play the drums with a for-real band. That's super cool!

Sherry G

In just 10 things you shared so much of your camp experience. As a kid, I never went to camp so hearing about it fascinates me. I think it was because my dad was in the Air Force and we spent the summers moving or going to visit relatives.

I hope to see you blog again. Maybe you can share some photos you have taken too. Maybe your siblings will blog too.


Cole, you are one awesome guy! Glad you had a great time!!


wow! 6 feet of banana split!?

great job blogging for first time, sounds like you went to an awesome camp! And God used it for you & used you for others-yay!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Loved getting the Cole update! Great job! I'm so happy you made new friends, and had a great experience, and really proud of you for helping another kid who needed it.

Jen Fike

Ouch! That's a pretty big bruise on your shoulder. Good to hear you had fun at camp!


You ARE an AMAZING kid! :)

Yvonne C

Hey Cole! Glad you had fun at camp. I used to go to bible camp when I was younger too and it was always so much fun. Thanks for sharing your top 10 list with us!


Probably one of my favorite posts on this blog! Isn't camp awesome, Cole? I live in MN and grew up going to a bible camp up north. And then I worked there on summer staff during college. Some of the best summers of my life and I made lifelong friends.

Karen, in case you didn't know: cole is quite the kid.


Cole, you're a great blogger. Loved hearing about your camp.
Camp wouldn't be camp without at least one bruise.
So happy you had a great experience. I'm pretty envious of that
banana split.


That's a huge bruise! It sounds like a great camp!
Years ago we had a computer game called Mario (as in Super Mario) Teaches Typing. I think that's how Kerry learned to type. I don't know if it's still available. I'm sure Staples has some program that could help you and not stress your mom out too much!

Rachelle S

Glad you had fun at camp Cole! And Ouch! on the bruise :)


Thanks, Cole!!! You're a really great blogger just like your sweet, on the brink of a heart attack mom!!! Glad you had a wonderful time at church camp and I hope you'll wear more layers of clothes the next time you play paintball....OUCH!!! :)

Lisa m

Wow, sounds like you had a great time at camp. Thanks for blogging for us...we loved hearing about your adventures! I'm sure you mom missed you terribly while you were gone.


Pretty much the best blog post ever. Big time remind me of your mom's writing style. Fun and honest all at the same time. Thanks for sharing part of you with us! :)

Jennifer S

Great blogging Cole! Please come back and write again soon! Your mom must be bursting with pride - you are an amazing (almost) teenager! Glad to hear the camp experience was a good one, bruises and all!


Great Job Coley! I hope you are super proud of your accomplishments! I hope you are having a fabulous summer. I am so in awe of your faith at such a young age. :) Karen, I'm in awe of you! My babies are 10, 9, 6, and 2. I don't even want to think about teen years and they are fast approaching! So glad Coley had a great experience with camp and love that he blogged his experience. He is going to do great things!

Kirsten J

Cole - fun stuff! And that bruise is glorious.


Cole - you are one awesome guy. Hope your summer has been great. PS - I think you have the world best mum!
Lots og love from Norway ;o)

Heather T.

Cole, I have a son about a year and a half younger than you! You are such a composed young man, and your mom loves you to the end of the earth. You did an amazing job with your first blog post. Continue to do well in school, take care of your sisters, listen to your parents, and be kind to others, especially those who are hurting... and you will go far in life!


Hey Cole!!!
You did good! Great update and I'm glad you had fun at camp!

Brittany D.

Camp Fir Point is AWESOME! Glad to hear it's still around!

Penny M.

Hi Cole! Thank you for sharing your awesome camping trip! Sounds like it was a blast. Loved the blog post - you're a terrific story teller (just like your mom :)


What a fun idea! Be proud of yourself for putting your thoughts out there. They were a lot of fun to read. As a mom to two boys, I can only hope they grow up to be like you. Through your mom's posts its been easy to see the love you have for your family and the respect you have for yourself. Your list was a lot of fun to read and shows your fun personality! Look forward to hearing from you again!

Kristen S

Yum!!! A six foot banana split would be amazing!!!

Great job blogging!!! Hope to hear from you again soon! Enjoy the rest of your summer, sounds like it has been pretty amazing so far!!

Wendy Molnar

Great job on your first blog entry! Your mom has taught you well. Camp sounds awesome.


Great job, Mr. Cole!
I hope my daughter grows up to meet a great fella like you someday!
Thanks for being such an inspiration.
Hug your Mom! We love her, too!!

Carol Shrader

Wow, Cole! Are you sure you won't be 20?? Love your first blog -- write more! And hug your mom. I know she missed you. And probably had to do all your camp laundry. :)

ellen patton

Keep on bloggin', Cole!

Kim S.

Great blog post, Cole! Looks like you've inherited the good writing genes from your mom. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. Cool paintball bruise, by the way. ;)

Katie Johnson

Nice to hear from you Cole! You are an excellent writer...I hope we hear more from you soon. I never went to camp but always wanted to -- thanks for sharing your highlights with us.


Cole, you're one awesome dude,


Hi, Cole! My 12 year old daughter is at church camp this week for the first time. Thank you for writing this as I miss her very much and needed to hear that she's probably having the time of her life. She will be 13 in 6 months. Have a great last 3 months of being a kid... teenager here you come. :) God bless you. Jen


Hey Cole! It's Amy from your mom's last Hometown Workshop. I'm so glad you had a great time at camp and you were able to share and pray with other adults and folks your age! Sometimes it takes some real guts to share with other people but believe me, we learn from the experiences of others and need to help each other along in life! So keep it up, my friend!!!!!

Keep up the great blogging too! I just found that picture you took of your mom, me and Sharon on the last day of the Hometown Workshop and I'm really grateful you took it! Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your summer! School will be here before we know it (and as a teacher, I'm not thrilled about that.......yet)!


Wow! Sounds like a great time! (Especially a SIX FOOT banana split). Thanks for sharing...and allowing your mom to take all those awesome photos of you to share.


Great first blog post!! I remember seeing your picture in scrapbook magazines when you were just a few years old probably. I always loved your mom's pages! Keep up the good work of helping her document your daily life!

Linda J

Hi Cole -
Your first blog post was great, hope that there will be more to come! I have followed your mom's blog for years and have enjoyed watching you and your sisters grow up. Looking forward to seeing more of your blog posts - your honest writing is a pleasure to read.

Lynn Lynn

So glad you had a great time at camp! I loved your post and would love to read more from you when you have things to share!! :) Have a great rest of the summer!!

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