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sasha farina

you raised him well, Karen :)


Jennifer S

So PRICELESS!!! So glad you grabbed your camera to preserve this. You have one fabulous family there....xoxoxox


Oh my Karen...I just love that!! Do your kids watch Muppet Treasure Island? If not, you have to get it for them...they would love it. My "adult" children still quote that movie!!

Jess Z.

cutest thing ever!

Kathy R in NC

I love this Karen! And are you seriously shooting from under the bed in those last two photos???? Because it sure looks like it! :)


CUTEST, ever! Honestly...can't think of anything more sweet. Oh MY! Both of them are so darling....and I am more than happy that you picked up your camera...and that you shot from under the bed in a couple of least that is the perspective that I think....just absolutely priceless. Looking back at the other comments...well, they are enchanted also. They are both "royal" children...with a wonderful mother that is more than special.


Ah! I melt! So cute.


Awesome. Way to go Cole, you definitely created some great big brother memories here. :)


"One of the things I'm always reminding Coley is that he wants his little sisters to grow up one day with really good memories of what it felt like to grow up with a big brother around."

This spoke to my heart like few things do in my every day. We have an older son and younger daughter and it was a powerful life lesson for me to read in the best kind of influence we can have on our kids.


So so sweet. He sure is growing up! My son & daughter are almost the same age, and just like Cole no tea parties are going down unless there's some sort of food involved. :) This age/stage goes by so fast. Your kids will thank you later for all the time you spent documenting it!


What a classic great photos and memories. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


That is so awesome! I love the way they are dressed up! And the fact a chocolate protein bar is enough to lure a boy to a tea party!


Oh my goodness...vest, tie, hat and SHORTS! That Cole is something else! So glad you captured this moment.


Priceless-- the cutest!!




OMG - that is just too adorable!

Kristen Ault

What an amazingly adorable interaction between those two! You are raising great kids and teaching Coley how to be a good man. Gold star and bonus points for you Karen!!

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