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Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

ooh I sooo want to go!!!! lucky girls!

Jen Fike

I really hope you continue to do these!!! I'm on your waiting list and would LOVE to make it out to one ;)


What good memories. I still think about that weekend all the time. It was a great learning experience and so much more. Thank you!

Jennifer S

Best. Time. Ever!!!! Wish we could do it all over again! You are one fabulous teacher, friend, and all around human being, Karen!!!

Jamie K

So so sad that it is for past students only. *sigh* :(


There's no place like Hannah house...there's no place like Hannah house...there's no place like Hannah house! I closed my eyes...clicked my heels three times and said these words hoping to magically be there again! Have a delightfully perfect time!


Yeah, yeah, yeah!! Can't wait until September!!! :)))))))

Joni H

Best girls weekend getaway you could ever ask for! For all those participating this year, you are going to have an amazing time. Karen is such a fabulous teacher and wonderful person. Wish I could go back to last September again!


I am SOOO excited beyond words! I am going in September the week before my birthday. Without a doubt it will be the best birthday gift I could give myself!


Very excited!


yes I still want to be on the waiting list.
because this is on my Bucket List. I neeeeeeeeeeed to go.

I guess I'll email you too but had to comment also, I always feel bad emailing & adding to that "task of yours".

If you haven't taken her course, its a MUST do. Must. & totally makes sense that you'd need that 411 before this 411-just sayin :)


Oh major bummer? I guess I missed the opportunity to sign up for this year?

Carol Shrader

Ok..please. please. please. You have to keep doing them because I showed my husband this weekend and told him how desperately I want to take your class and then go to one of these weekends.....he marked down the link for gift-giving purposes. :) We are helping a precious kiddo heal this summer from major surgery so I'm hoping to take your NEXT offered class...but then you'll HAVE to have a 2014 workshop. Did I say please??


Eeek! How fun! I would just loooove to join you ladies. I so need to take your class and get on that list! Hope you have a fabulous time. Post some photos, or better yet have your ladies post the hash tag hometownworkshop on Instagram so we can follow along in the fun!


Wow. Now that you have shown pictures, it just sounds (and looks!) better and better. :)

Fingers crossed... :D


I would also like to be on the list. Please, please have one in 2014!!!! would love to come to Hannah house and be fed both pics and food :)


This was the best time ever!!! I miss you and all the girls so much!! ❤


please please please teach in 2014!!!


Pinching myself that I will actually be there this time next week! More excited every day!

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