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Honestly, if the opportunity EVER presented itself, I would rather attend your workshop than ANY OTHER photography related trip/workshop. It just seems like the perfect mix of fun and learning. Thanks so much for sharing what you do. I feel it's turning me around.

Maria Glazener

This looks like so much fun! I can't wait until September!

Kathy R in NC

Oh my! You're killing me already!! Counting the days until September!


Oh, memories!
Looks like a great group of women. I am SURE they loved every minute.


So jealous......from Australia Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


I can not wait! I'm counting the hours until tomorrow!


A bit envious of all the fun! Great memories I am sure!

Sara Mangan

Looks like a wonderful time! I will be heading there in Sept. too. I can't wait.
Would you ever consider asking previous students for tips for all of us students who will be there in Sept?
Like: How did they pack everything so they didn't have to check any bags?
What they used to transport their camera, laptop, etc? Just would like to know what others use and love.
What they brought that they could have left home and what they wish they had packed but didn't.
And any other tips they have.



So happy you all had a great time :)

Cindy Elwood

Oh my..sneak peaks. I can't wait till Sept. I am so excited and nervous at the same time.


These photos make me love the experience (and you) all over again. Thanks for a magical weekend.

Wendy Molnar

What a great job you have. You inspire so many of us (speaking as a past student!) and your joy is contagious!

Laura M

Spin, baby, spin!!! As the days pass and I am reflecting on our time together I am realizing more and more how blessed it was! Thanks Karen and Hometown Girls! Miss you!!

Kerri B

I will be among the September group also and I am so excited! I love the idea above about packing and advice! I do hope that is possible. I can't wait for the fun to be had!! I am so excited you girls had such a great time!!!


Awww, so jealous of these girls. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'd decide to offer this in 2014 too... :)


This was truly a transformational weekend for me. I learned so much about photography, myself and the awesome uplifting power of surrounding yourself with amazing women! You are awesome Karen and I love you so much (even though you posted a double chin picture of me)! I miss you and my fellow hometown girls like I'd miss my left arm. I'm holding you ladies to a reunion trip!
Spin, baby, spin!

Nicky from Okotoks

Such an amazing weekend - I am still smiling from ear to ear with the wonderful memories. You soul sisters rock!! Karen thankful for a wonderful weekend filled with memories, good food, amazing learning and you!! You are such a wonderful lady - love you more!!! I miss you all.
Feeling thankful and blessed - living the dream - spinning that dial.
Love you all


So amazing. Words seem inadequate to describe the weekend and the love that was poured into the planning and execution of the workshop. LOVED it! Thank you, Karen, for the awesome experience, the care in the tiniest details, and for facilitating such a unique learning, growing, and friend-making opportunity. What you have created is truly, truly special - like, "once in a lifetime" kind of special. Miss you and my fellow dial spinners!


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