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Mary Jo

YIKES! I would have to move....


Oh my that is a problem!! YIKES is right!!!!


Ugh! I think I would call my dad. ;) Hope you get rid of them ASAP!

Jen Fike

Oh my goodness I would sh*t if I had a rat in my house!!!! Good luck catching it! Your a brave woman I would be so scared.


time to get a cat!! a hungry cat!!


UGH! I think I would move out until someone could secure that there was nothing in the house anymore!!


Oh my goodness. I would be headed for a hotel. You are one brave woman to still be there. I hate anything creepy crawly or unpredictable!

Libbi Moore

I currently have two mouse traps in my bedroom. My thoughts are with you. My suggestion to you if you don't like to deal with setting traps would be to get a couple large sticky rat traps. I think I found mine at the grange co-op. When you do catch the varmit you must show a photo.


OOOH, I feel your pain. We had mice in a couple of places we've lived...I have some nasty stories I could share. I can't imagine something bigger. Here's to hoping you get rid of them soon. We are firm believers in those plug-in rodent things (really technical, eh?). Go to your local hardware store and ask. They emit a really high-pitched sound that humans can't hear, but it drives rodents bonkers and they leave. It may not get rid of the ones you have right away, but it would help keep new ones from coming. GOOD LUCK!


How did those rats get out of your head? Yikes! I vaguely remember a tv show, maybe the Twilight Zone, with a giant rat living in a guys place, maybe in his mattress. You should move. The show didn't end well.


We dealt with this earlier this year. I would highly recommend calling an exterminator and getting a free quote. We did the trap thing for a few weeks and they just wouldn't go away. I called for the free quote and turns out there were A LOT of them living under our house for a very long time and we had no idea. They had eaten the entire vapor mat (the big plastic sheet under your house) and luckily they had not gotten into the insulation. Cost us about 1200 to have everything cleaned, sanitized, replaced, including vents, carpets, couches, etc. So I'd call b/c there was NO WAY I was going to look under my house and have that image in my mind.

Rachelle S

ugh! I feel your pain! I was mowing the lawn last weekend (had been way too long since it had been done) and in the longer area of the yard, as I mowed, the mice scurried! YUK! I'm voting for the male-gender family members to come to the rescue; feminisim didn't include rodents :)

Robyn :)

Ewwwwwww!!! I am so sorry, Karen!!! I hope you can get rid of them soon. Yuck.


Eeeeek..... mice & rats make me shudder!! We can occasionaly hear them at night in the attic. Creeps me out big time! We just had another mouse nest removed from my car! There are traps set all over the place and catch a few of those nasty buggers but can't seem to completely eliminate them all!

Nicky from Okotoks

So not fun at all!! horrible critters. Hope you get rid of them soon!!!

Jennifer S

oh that is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much worse/bigger then the little field mice I have had to deal with. UGH!!! Hope Josh is home soon! Maybe you can all camp out at hanna house!


Oh...I too think a frantic call to the exterminator would be 1st thing on my me the shivers just thinking about it...I hope you sleep well tonight.....I know the kids will say it is time for each of them to get a cat!


UGH! A couple of years ago I noticed some shredded up plastic in one of my cabinets. Upon pulling everything out, I found that mice had gotten in an eaten an entire bag of caramels (they opened the bag, unwrapped the candies and ate them). We set a trap and low and behold, we caught it. When my husband went to clean it out he said "That is the fattest mouse I've ever seen!" I said "What did you expect? It ate an entire bag of caramels!"

Theresa G.

I can husband was gone a lot when my daughters were little. When he came home for a weekend I told him that we had a mouse problem. He shrugged and said I was imagining it. Then he set a trap. He had to reset that bugger 7 times to catch all the mice! EEK!!!! I have never done well with wild animals and insects - living in my house! Good luck!!! EEK!


We had a snake in our pantry-luckily it was dh who found it and got rid of it. Need to send my daughter's cat up to you - she catches mice/rats regularly...unfortunately cat didn't keep an eye on the last one and it ran into the bedroom - didn't hear what happened next.


Let me join the chorus of voices...EXTERMINATOR!


Ok please don't judge..... I hate rodents! Hate! But I am also very scared of them! We had a huge problem with them at the barn! The rats were so bad they wouldn't scurry when the door opened, just look at you and walk away, the nerve! Go to your local tractor supply store. Buy fly bait. Go to the room where the rat evidence has been found and put the bait in a pie pan and add Mt. Dew. The rats will take a sip of this and drop within four feet. IMPORTANT!!! Keep all pets away from this!


HOTEL AND EXTERMINATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cindy b

Karen, I will have to type out my "rat story" and send to you. :) I feel your pain...

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