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janel much information in this post...and the first thing I thought of when I saw the photo very beautiful it was. I often wish that I could have a re-do, because I look back and realize how special the time was. Hooray for you in LR. I still struggle...but am taking baby steps I guess. Now to go check out the lip-reading vids......You are that special star in the sky for well as your always shine!


Those two videos are mainstays at our house too! In fact we say the Orange Peanut/I accept you all the time!

Sherry G

I'm considering the Clean Color Tutorial for PSE. Can you tell me more from your experience? Clean and simple is my preferred look for editing my photos, and PSE is the tool I choose to use for now. Thanks for any insight you can provide beyond the website description of the tutorial.



Love the light in the picture. We played fish out of water in the pool growing up but I think it was an add on to marco polo. The other weekend I was taking pictures and was disappointed they weren't as good as I had hoped/what I saw with my eyes. I was starting to get really frustrated and upset with myself and I remembered the blog post you wrote a bit ago and it reminded me everyone struggles. Thanks for being so real. :)


Omgoodness the kids introduced us to the videos. I love the peanut part too.The other thing they like is the honey badger but it's got a lot of swear words.

Jennifer S

Oh no! sucks that the camera needs to go to Nikon :( BUT loving the rest of this post! Those quotes are beautiful and speak volumes.... And the email from your student - brings back so many memories of that last week (so many years ago)!!! Your classes are so special. I agree with every word she said!

Sara Mangan

Here in MN my kids call that game "Magic." I always fear the same thing though when they play it...someone could get hurt. They sure do have fun playing it. I have two lens that don't seem to be focusing right. Don't like the expensive part of your comment about getting them fixed. Although it's something I need to do before I come to your workshop in Sept.

Love the shot of Cole!

Rebya Falk

I can't remember how I found your was back when you ended with Josh Downs etc. etc. You are inspiring to me although our youngest are our great grandchildren.


When we play fish out of water it's usually in the pool LOL. It has to swim around with their eyes closed and if they think someone is out of the water they Yell fish out of water. If they are wrong then they have to swim a set amount of laps and start the game again :)


As I read the rules to fish out of water, I was thinking, at least, one of my kids would end up with an injury-and laughed when i read your er mention. Love that light (bummer about your lens though). And I love that you had a young student grasp the awesomeness of the class-you are a great teacher! I've been in a photographic funk lately, distracted by life and intimidated (shooting raw, fumbling my way through lightroom) by new things. I made myself pick the camera up last week to capture some candid sweetness happening, I felt the "intentional" moments being captured, and was excited and feeling more like "me" again (if that makes sense). The clean color sale couldn't be timed better!

mandy friend

LOVE the eldridges and their writing.


In CO the game is called Groundies.

Kirsten J

Yet another golden picture. In Seattle we call it Groundies, or Gravel. Fun stuff. And that animal video had me laughing until I cried. Thanks for that :)


Up here it's called Grounders and the person that is 'it' has to keep their eyes closed the whole time.

(my first time commenting on your blog!)


Oh, and loving Taylor's letter. :)

Carol Stoler

We have played Fish Out Of The Water since I was little. The only difference is we play it in the pool

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