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The Harrison Ford one is the best! What a handsome guy! :)

Nicky from Okotoks

wonderful pics

hope you have an amazing weekend


Wow! They are all stunning! I was waiting for a smile and then that smirk is just the best! So handsome!


Love these! The light is gorgeous. Your color and composition, stunning!

Rebya Falk



Oh gads...he is too cute. I love the grinning one. He looks like a model....and you have shot him exquisitely. Beautiful light.

R Sims

Gorgeous! And now I'm (even more)super excited to see Jacksonvill for myself!

Jennifer S

Amazing. And I miss Jacksonville and the Hanna House and everyone!!!!!!!!! :(


These are wonderful! Such a great variety of poses! And he's so handsome. :)

Katie Johnson

I love this kid!! He looks to have an old soul....or at least he has an old look to him. Definitely a handsome little guy. Love, love, love these pictures!!


Love the shots! So that is the town where the Hometown Workshop takes place? Wow. :)

Have a great weekend. :)


That is seriously one cool dude. They are great photos Karen and his mother and he will be thrilled with those shots. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Camille King

Lovely photos, Karen! Correct me if Im wrong but posed are not usually your style but these are great too!


What a handsome boy!! Great shots Karen!


These are stunning Karen! I love seeing your portrait work. The green/Josiah's eyes, his adorable smirk...I can go on about how great these are. Thanks for sharing!


Oooo- portraits!! I love them!

Mary Jo

My lands is he ever handsome! And your photos are beautiful as ever! So crisp and clean. I bet your friend is awestruck!


What a good looking kid and great shots!


Your fave is my Fave too!


Those are great photos of a super handsome kid!


I love your photos. Always. And these are stupendous! Totally see Harrison Ford in your fave...and, he's a handsome boy.

Marilyn, Northern VA

Really like to read your blog and look at your awesome photos but don't think I ever posted a comment before. Just have to say love all these photos you took of this young man.


He's so handsome!


WOW! Karen, these are amazing! And that darling boy, wow, look out world, he is going to be a charmer! :)

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