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Debby Schuh

It's a good thing your ready for Father's Day a week ahead - because it's next Sunday! :)


You had me panicking thinking my days were wrong. ;)

Sit back and relax. You are ahead of yourself.


You're not scrambled! You're a week ahead of schedule! YAY YOU!! ; )


Karen, you are the best! This post is just hilarious from beginning to end, just on general principle, then add in that you are a week ahead, I am dying over here. I know it is not polite to laugh at someone else's expense, but I am pretty sure you are awesome enough to realize how hysterical this is! I hope you leg feels better soon, and maybe those extra fingers you got will be of some assistance!


After spending a week in the hospital with our youngest son, where my fabulous husband was Mr. Mom and Dad for the week to our 3 other kiddos, I am scrambling for an awesome Father's Day present. I am also in such a brain fog with all of our sons new health issues that I can't put two thoughts together so You are insanely prepared to me! :) Love the blog post. Now I know I'm not the only one scrambling. :) Hope the leg feels better!


I just had to google Father's Day 2013 to check the date. You had me in a panic, lol! My husband is currently up fixing the kid's breakfast, and I'm lounging in bed reading blogs. THAT would not be good on Father's Day! Now, that you've got Father's Day taken care of maybe you can relax a bit and clear your mind :) I hope your leg gets better soon!


Karen, where can i find out about your hometown workshops? I want to come eat and shoot and eat with you!


Oh man, you ARE stressed. Because you rushed and panicked your way into being "late" for Father's Day a week in advance. Now with all that time you've saved by getting those three cute photos done, maybe you can put your foot up...for just a minute?

Wishing you a reduction to the stress. Very soon.


OK, thanks for the heart attack over here thinking I biffed Father's Day when it's next Sunday!


Great job Karen! You are ahead of schedule. So you really didn't forget.


lol! Now what are you going to do next Sunday?!!


I love it! And I love those pens... I was so sad when mine broke!

Robyn :)

Karen, you are awesome.

I smiled through this whole post. My favorite line is when you said "chicken wearing a foot boot".

I was wondering this morning if it was Father's Day. I usually try to get a card for my husband from the cat lol. My dad passed away years ago and we don't talk to my husband's dad often (no strife or anything, he is just really busy and we forget) so we tend to forget about these things. You came up with a great idea on such short notice and I love the picture of Annie!!


Thankful that my birthday falls on Father's Day this year so I didn't panic when I read this blog post this morning because I knew that it was next week and not today. lol :)

Shaun Paddock

Best gift ever!

Cindy Welch

The best fathers day gift you could give josh is to slow down and take care of yourself. Your worth It!!!!!! A lesson i learned the hard way!


Karen - You're awesome - even with all that stress you are cracking me up.

Now time for your laugh - First sit down, elevate leg and watch for less than two minutes. Not saying it's you, just that it's funny.


I just panicked and googled Father's day 2013! My husband is sitting right here but is totally the kind to realize I forgot something like that and never mention it all day because he is just gracious and awesome like that, so I about lost it for a second! Glad we all have another week!

Jacque Green

How sweet!! ....But I really got on here to raz you about your Beavers playing my Wildcats for the series! I always think of you in that Beavers shirt in Amarillo, Tx. Giggles. Everytime! Miss you!


While reading your post, I am thinking, "Doesn't she know it's NEXT weekend?!" Love your posts!


Oh, Karen! I don't know why but by the time I saw the photo of Annie, I had tears in my eyes! I was thinking how odd that Father's day is not the same as in Canada!
Kerry tried to convince us that Father's day was this weekend! I had a few moments of panic and then realized it's next weekend, and he was either trying to pull a fast one, or he really had no idea, although he did say "it's always the first weekend of the month"
Take a few minutes and breath!


B.r.e.a.t.h.e! And I think your "fingers" mean you wanted "finger food" for you and your workshop attendees.


Welcome to your 40's.........and know it just gets worse as your brain will become more and more scattered.

Signed, 55


Aww!How did I miss the hometown workshop?????? Just saying......


It's all he needs...don't "STRESS" the small stuff. :) <3

Hope Texas is good to Josh Downs!!!


Oh....and that is absolutely the BEST Father's Day wish EVER!! EVER!!


You are clearly one of the best all time story tellers ever. You gift us with not only your words, but how you so humorously and openly share your stories! Love reading your blog and getting a glimpse of you! :)

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