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Sandy L

Sorry the extermination did not go so well. But, now that you know it went to the trap you should get it tonight. I'd remove the bread and then smear the peanut butter under the yellow flap of the trap. Sounds like he's a smart one and could just lick off the peanut butter without activating the trap. If you put the peanut butter under it makes him work a bit more and should trigger the trap. Good luck! (if that doesn't work you can email me for more tips)


I remember my parents setting traps and my daughter walking into a gym at a basketball game yelling "you murderers" at us.


Hope it goes better...I agree with Sandy though I've never had rats...only mice..they were bad enough...rats...CAN'T even imagine! Good luck!


We have had rats for years, so far not in the house. You can get live traps and then let them go some other place. Basically I am not going to kill them-it isn't in me and there is no way that is going to happen. Did the guy tell you that you need to also find out where they are getting in? If you don't plug up the hole others will get in as well.

Don't you have dogs? They are usually a good at keeping them out of the living area.

Good Luck!

Jennifer S

oh no!! Thats how it was with our mice... we had glue traps set. But the basement was cold (duh!) so the glue was not too sticky - they got all the popcorn off and NO MICE! Even when it got warmer, they did not always fall for the traps :(

Julie Bonney

We're handling a rat problem also and are using a concoction of bird seed mixed with peanut butter. It might not be a good idea to put the bread on the traps, since that's kind of a grab and go meal, and they may forego sticking their nose into what the trap has been laced with. I also read on-line that the traps short end (the end that will snare the rat) should be perpendicular and right next to the wall since the critters like to run along the wall. And, as someone has mentioned above, once your traps are rat free for about ten days, then plug up the holes where they might be entering. We're on our second round of ten rat free days, as the at the tail end of the first we caught two more rats. TMI :)


Doris, I can't stop laughing over the visual of your 'ratisode'!! So very funny!!


My husband dips dog food in the peanut butter and then sets the traps. The rats seem to really like that


we were told to only put a small amount of peanut butter and not offer a buffet. They are smart but if you smear a small amount it'll have to try hard to get the food off, thus setting off the trap. And find the hole and get it plugged with something they wont eat. Our exterminator filled all holes with a foam mixed with something like fine steel shreds or something like that


After dealing with a rat problem at work for a couple of months (Yes, a couple of months!!!!), I finally called the exterminator. He has eliminated the problem, but he also told me that the traps should be up against the wall (or cabinet). Rats use their whiskers to 'see' so they move along the wall most of the time. They will bump into the trap and find the food alot easier, thus helping you to catch them. Anther thing we did was get those boxes with the poison in them and placed them not only in the house, but along the perimeter outside. They eat the poison and go away looking for water. Not only does that keep you from having to get rid of the dead rodent, but it is safe to use around children and pets.


I get mice under the house... and since I am not interested in seeing a dead critter, I just use the pellets. I understand that it makes them very thirsty and they go out the way they came in and die outside. So simple... and it works for me for mice. I must add that this is the area that is half of the basement area, separated by a door to the house. I am real careful to not leave the door open. Never had them actually IN the house. Good luck. Do consider the rat "food". So simple.


Laughing at all the stories!!! Just get a dang cat!!! lol...kidding.

Good Luck, Nellie!!!


We used one of those live trap things for gophers (I think, it's was much bigger than necessary) and a piece of Parmesan cheese and caught our mouse that very night. Of course, we had to walk aforementioned mouse in trap off to another area out of our neighborhood and release it but at least he wasn't in our house anymore!!! Bonus, no one had to take one for the team and kill him either.... Good luck!!! P.S. If you use bait or pellets and the rat dies in your walls, you'll be smelling it later in the hot months.

Julie in Aust.

Ahhh...a common problem from the other side of the world! We have had the scurrying and scratching in our roof/ceiling for months now. I call it the 'Rat Olympics'. The exterminator said to put peanut butter on the trap...they ignored it. Then he said "Oh they love Nutella" So up went the second trap. Nothing...tomorrow I don a pair of overalls and gloves and go up to identify once and for all who the little intruder is. Hopefully its not a possum...
I like the ideas about using birdseed and Peanut butter, and maybe they will like dry cat food?
Getting desperate here in Oz!!!!!


Following each post with trepidation. Good luck!!!!


Good thing you've got Cole to take care of you. And Annie is adorable! Good luck catching them!! And I am so impressed you documented and got such beautifully lit pics of such a yucky topic... Just don't post any (or warn us first please) of the traps full of its catch.


Ok, as I scrolled down to read, I saw Cole's head and a hammer and thought he was whacking a rat!


Yes, take away the bread. We live in a 100 year old house and cannot plug up all the ways for rats to get in. We seem to have eliminated the problem but the very last one thought he been the home owner. I was sitting on the couch one DAY and he comes walking down the hall. I told my husband, "he thinks he owns the place,I can't believe he would come out during daylight." Anyway we set a trap and I got up at 5:00 a.m. and went into the kitchen. There he sat licking peanut butter off the trap, he just turned and looked at me and went back to licking peanut butter. I could not believe the nerve of this critter. I went and woke my husband who got up with his b.b. gun and went into the kitchen to shoot the rat that STILL sat there licking the peanut butter. That is the end of the rat's tale. May you be as successful as we were. ;-)


sorry for the error, the rat thought he WAS the home owner


i would suggest using some slices of banana to lure the rats... at least it worked for me (ie it is how i catch them!) :) good luck!!


One trick that I've heard is to get a bucket of water and smear peanut butter around the rim of the bucket. Apparently, the mice will fall into the bucket and drown and thus you don't have to worry about killing them. Good luck!


I read the other comments today, and Ann is correct, they get thirsty, but it's because the poison is dehydrating them. They have been known to die in the house, and because they dry out you may find mummified rats later on. Also, you don't want the dogs getting a hold of the food or the rats.


Wear gloves any time you touch the trraps or food. They cam smell human on the traps and will be wary or not go near it

Kaitlin Sheaffer

One time my husband was out of town and we had mice...and I could not deal with it. I bought this gadget called the RatZapper (on Amazon). That thing is amazing! It was worth every penny and you don't even have to see the mouse. We've brought it out a couple times when we see evidence of a mouse and we manage to get rid of every mouse within a day or two. It works for rats and mice. My husband agrees that it is awesome- really, it was such a great purchase and saved us a lot of headache. We throw in a couple of chocolate chips. Good luck!


A few years ago I was horrified when I found out we had rats, but the RatZapper (that Kaitlin mentioned above) was amazing. It's easy to use and set up ... we threw in dog food or peanut butter covered treats, and it worked really quickly for us. Because rats are smarter than mice, I think you might need to get more than 1, but I do think it's well worth it. Really hope this is over for you and the kids soon!

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