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What a fun trip - and inspired photos!
And seriously - jewel pooping pandas - someone needs an intervention! LOL!


i'm totally with you about the pooping animal ANYTHING (candy, jewels, etc.).

What a fun trip! And I'm speechless on the jewel-pooping. Speechless!


Love their final picks...what great girls. Love the "leading lines" on the bathroom photo.....see, I do remember your class lessons! Your blog~~Always a treat, the expressions you capture always are my go to photog! Big hugs!


Ummm pooping toys?! People pay money for that? Lordy. I love that you take your camera everywhere you go. I MUST be brave and start this before my babies are all grown! I can vividly remember going to Toys R Us at their age with my own spending money and heading straight for the Cabbage Patch Dolls! Sure wish I had a picture of that :) And btw, Im so glad you are back to blogging!


Looks like a fun shopping trip. I think these shopping trips where they realise that $20 is $20 and if the item is more they can't buy it. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I'm so glad we are past that stage! No more Barbies, Polly Pockets, or Legos to step on of vacuum up. But it also makes birthday present shopping so much harder! Now they want $150 items! Be glad Courtney Lee is happy in the Dollar section!


What fun! I just love all of Annie's expressions. Smart girl Courtney.

Julie Pilch

I couldn't agree more, I couldn't believe it when I heard the advert over here for "Poopsy Pets". Really?? Someone actually thought that would be an inspiring toy? My three girls think its disgusting haha. Love all your pictures Karen xxx

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