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Pure Awesome! :) Love new family plans that make life sweeter (even if it takes a little getting used to at the beginning!) I'm so thankful to you for sharing new ideas and inspiration!


Love this! Did something similar a while ago. Then stopped... Reading this makes me realise how long ago and makes me keen to do or again. sooner rather than later. Nice way to start the weekend! Thanks for sharing :)


I had to laugh when I read your post because my bff just started doing this a few weeks ago. She's very happy with the results. They clean on Thursday evenings. I think it's a great idea - giving the kids more responsibility not to mention helping you!


Am about to begin this too ... it's too much for me to keep up with AND I know that my future daughter in laws will be happy that their guys know how to clean! Can't believe how big Annie is getting!


GRAND idea....great shots...and tr-la, you are beginning the week with a clean house. Love your shots, and love that you are one wonderful team!!!

Andi R

I think this is totally awesome. My mom use to make my sister and I do this. Then after we were done she would come and inspect how we did. She would then tell us that we did a good job but then tell us what we missed and would show us how to do it for next time. After about 3-4 weeks we were cleaning the bathroom to almost "mom" standards (no one cleans like mom). It taught us what 'clean' was. But around the age of 11 or 12 we were taught how to do laundry. We turned things pink a few times but eventually we learned. My dad was big on turning lights and TVs off when we weren't in the room. There were a few times where every light in the house was on and then came the .25 cent rule. For every light that we left on in a room where there wasn't anyone in, we had to give my dad a quarter. We learned quickly to not leave lights on and it taught us the value of money because now I'm a huge stickler for turning stuff off when not using it....electricity is expensive, lol.


A good move because the whole family lives in the house and everyone needs to contribute. I think also once they get to do these things that Mum would normally do all by herself they realise just how much Mum does. My kids put their clean washing away, set and clear the table, make their beds, put their dirty clothes in the wash etc. James was emptying the dishwasher every morning until it broke and now I'm hand washing. These things teach the kids life skills and are important as they grow up. Also in 2 hours if your house is clean then you can enjoy the weekend. Regards KathyA, Brisbane, Australia

Nicky from Okotoks

Great thing!!!


Great plan! That would take about 7 hours by yourself (which I did on Saturday...)!!

p.s. I have that same Dyson vacuum and I LOATHE the hand-held attachment when I'm doing close-up vacuuming like lamp shades and stuff. KILLS my wrists cuz it's so stiff and bulky. Does that happen to you? (or Okay, I'll stop complaining.

Kelli Williams

Do you rent them out? I love that it kind of looks like they are working away while you are taking pictures!


Love the glimpses of your home that I've never seen before. So lovely...


You are such a good mamma. Fridays are our cleaning day. Feels so good to get it done and move on. :)

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