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It looks like the T-shirts are cutter this year!! I ran last year with my daughers...FIRST time ever and we had a blast!! Already signed up for next year!! So glad you got to do it. I said to my Dh that he couldn't run because I had to have someone document my efforts!!


LOL! Why is Ross wearing a tutu?!

Jen Fike

Love all the the pictures! I am gonna run one this summer. I can't wait!!!


Where are the full shots of Ross's tutu?


how did Ross get the color all over him?? you mentioned powder... how does it get all over you guys?? looks like fun!!! except i don't run. ;-)


Love, love, love! :) Happy Mother's Day!


my sister-in-law and i are doing this in june - so excited!


Fun fun memories. Also LOVED the tutu. Happy Mother's all are just THE most fun!


What a fun event and way to spend mother's day!


I had a good laugh about your impending description of your child to the police......that cracked me up but I hear you on that...we did a 5 km fun run...not many people but James and his friend went ahead and Sienna ran off as well but luckily my other mum friend was with her...Not as many as your race but if I can't see my child in a public place like that I can't relax either. What's behind the colour run..I know Rebecca Cooper from Simple as That has done a colour race some time back...not sure we have anything like that in Australia. On Mothers Day they have everyone wearing pink for our Breast Cancer charity but no idea what the colour thing is all about and totally agree can't have the camera with all that powder which is a bummer because the DSLR would have been awesome. Still all your other shots are great. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Looks like fun! (Where is Ross's pretty girlfriend?)


My daughter did this run in Pittsburgh and had a blast! love the before and after pics she took! Lovin the tutu Ross!!

Kim Johns

Looks amazing so went on The Color Run website and they are doing one in London in July, so signed up with my daughter xx very excited :)

Nicky from Okotoks

Love it all !!

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