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Sara Mangan

Your pictures make me want to visit Seattle. I LOVE the one of the kids jumping with the fountain behind them. It would look awesome hanging up in your house. Glad you are finding picture taking fun again!


WOW! this is why you are my favorite! #iwanttobeyouwhenigrowup #rockstarphotog


What an awesomely amazing day in Seattle! I love this city so much, way to take it all in. (And that underground tour is hilarious!) It would have been a hoot and a half to run into "the" Karen Russell and her family whilst out exploring.

Robin... you know the one... from ND...

Glad to know you had a day when shooting felt great! I hope I have one again someday. Can't wait to see your Color Run images. Wondering what you use to shoot during a run since lugging a Nikon around would likely be a bit much.

Cate O'Malley

Love the fountain jumping picture! The underground Seattle tour sounds fun. I was there in 2011 and had an afternoon to sightsee, and we squeezed in as much as we could (gum wall!). Can't wait to see the Color Run pictures. I participated in my first one last year, and this year my kids will be doing it with me, along with Color Me Rad.


Awh... I had that very same weekend just a few weeks before you guys did! Hope you had a blast in my back yard, loved seeing it from your point of view!


Wow, I love all of these pictures! You make me want to run home and pick up my camera! Looks like a great day! That underground tour looks cool!

Kelly B

When I saw your post about Seattle, I was hoping you checked out the Great Wheel. We live in Portland area and have been talking about going up there when we go to a Mariners game to see if it as cool as they lead you to believe! As always, loved your pictures. The blue trees cracked me up. I would have also been curious! Selfishly glad you picked up your camera!

Kathy C.



Totally agree with you on the Seattle Great Wheel. SO expensive! But now you can say you've done it and never have to do it again. I also did the Underground Tour years ago and remember it being pretty cool. What a great time you guys had. Love the pictures and how you document everyday life.


LOVE seeing all your pictures from Seattle. Glad the weather cooperated for your visit!


I love the Coke bottle and Annie shot! And the one where the kids are jumping! And the group shot with you! Perfect!
I am glad that wheel of terror is so darn expensive, means I for sure won't be doing it.
But the underground tour, Shaun did it years ago and loved it, so maybe I'll put that on our list of things to see!


I too love the kids jumping in front of the fountain. I love the one of you and Ross. My sweet boy who is close to Yans age is like that with me. I hope it always is like that. He is definitely my boy more so than his dad's. The group shot is great too. Fun living vicariously through your lens and seeing things I wouldn't normally be able to see. :) Thanks for sharing.

Judy Webb

You and your camera made some sensational shots. The ones with Ross in the red stocking cap will be some that you will laugh at some 20 years from now. A ball cap is timeless. Happy Days to You and Your family. Loved the snaggle tooth shots of Yans. from Texas!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Loved all the pics! So glad you picked up the camera again. You totally see the love here. xoxo


Well you hav eh our mojo back they are awesome photos and memories. We paid a lot of money to go on the Brisbane wheel as well but it's not something you do every day. Looks like a great day. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I ADORE the two photos of you and Ross! GREAT!!!

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