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Happy Mothers Day! Did you go to Petes in Rsbg?!! Yum! But Circle J is good too!

Robin Healy

Never would we give up on you! Happy Mother's day Karen!

Denise M

Oh yay! It's been years but I recognize that burger joint. Pete's right?! My grandparents lived in Roseburg and we would stop there whenever we visited them.


Happy Mothers' Day to you and I just love those photos in the can go to the top of your class for "Low Lighting Photography".......YOU ARE AWESOME GIRL!! Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


welcome back!! it's good to take breaks.....


Welcome back. I know this sounds funny because we've never met, but when you're gone I miss you like a friend and always hope you are okay. I understand needing beaks and this isn't a guilt trip, but wanted to let you know you are missed and loved!


Why is it that riding in the car makes us hungry? So funny!


You are back ms Karen. Back with a vengeance! Adore all your Mother's Day photos. Happy, happy!,

Nicky from Okotoks

Glad to see you back!!!


Road trip! That just screams eating good food!

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