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Thank you to you and your family for your service to our Country! Happy Memorial Day!


Awww, sorry we missed it!!! Thanks Josh Downs!!! You ROCK!!! :)

Amanda @ Click. The Good News

These are awesome- so glad he was able to share. Thank you Josh for your service & thank your family for their sacrifice.


Thank you Josh Downs! Thank you awesome family for your sacrifice as well! Just a great day!


What a touching post. An honor to have shared this with us. Thank you!


I love how you captured this. Thanks to Josh and all those who serve our country.


Thank you so very much for your service Josh and thank you Downs family for your sacrifice and your support of him.


Thank you, Josh Downs, and thank you to all that serve... a wonderful post, Karen. Have a lovely, happy and safe Memorial Day and may we never forget. xo


Amazing. You must be so proud of him. What a great example you have for your children. And this was THE perfect post leading into Memorial Day! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Nicky from Okotoks

Amazing man and a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing.


It is men and women like Josh that I am thankful and proud of. A thank you would not be enough for what they've done, their sacrifices, in return for me and my family's safety. I will always remember!

Mary Ann Jenkins

Thank you Josh Downs for the sacrifices you and your family make for me and my family.
Have a wonderful weekend!


There's just something about a man in a uniform!

Love Annie's shoes!


THANK YOU Josh for serving our beautiful country! May God bless America and all who serve and sacrifice. Love that last shot!! Happy Memorial Day!


What a lovely day and family. I can't believe how grown up the kids are looking. Thank goodness for service men and women like your husband. Happy Memorial Day to you!


Thank YOU To Josh and all of your family who had to sacrafice... That is just beyond a blessing to so many

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