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Happy happy days, happy happy transitions! I hope these years are treasures for her...and for you and Josh. Of course, school shots are extra nostalgic for me....can almost feel those arms of love, laughter and learning! Right through my computer screen! Thank you!


She looks happy enough and I'm sure she is thrilled going to big school with her siblings. Lovely capturing those photos. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Nicky from Okotoks

Yah Yans!!!! That swelling looks sore!!

Jennifer S

So so sweet! Good Luck to Annie in her new school next year!!! And I am in disbelief that you did not take your camera to her graduation! It must have been really really bad lighting OR a decision to be more IN the moment. :)

Stacey from Texas Panhandle

Precious photos! Oh how I wish I had photos of myself like that in Elementary school!

Good job Mom!!


I feel so bad for Annie with the bites. My oldest daughter has bad reactions to bites as well. It will be good to push her out of her comfort zone but a little scary I am sure too. Hugs


I'm glad you are changing schools, her classmates are kind of goofy looking!
She looks so grown up at school!


I cannot believe that the cute, baby girl is THIS old. WOW!!!!!!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

wow! second grade? It seems just yesterday we met baby Annie! Congrats!


Okay, I love these shots. Yada yada - you know I love ALL your shots. BUT, those smiley faces have me laughing uncontrollably. COULD be lack of sleep, but I just keep picturing actual kids walking around her class WITH those faces - and how freaky that would be. Sorry! I just can't stop laughing!!

Congrats, Yans on this big step! You look totally ready for it. And don't let your Dad make fun of that eye. We have a bazillian mosquitoes in Miami, and they are NO JOKE.

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