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how fun!! i love unplanned vacations! we used to do them all the time before we had our son & now that he is getting a bit older i would love to do them again. we'll see! and i just love love love the photo of annie inside the church!


Can I just say that this post brought a smile to my face. I can only imagine the unexpected joy you brought to those various strangers. In a town that small, they will be talking about you for years to come - "Remember when those people with the 3 kids bought a stranger gas and candy and even played basketball at our open gym?" Love, love it. Carry on with the unplanned plan!


Fabulous! As the wife of an "I-need-to-know-exactly-what-we're-doing-and-when-we're-doing-it" husband, something this fun and spontaneous and exciting and new would never happen! Think I wanna be your kid! :)


I really hope I'm not going to read that you ended up in Baker City, because that's where my in-laws live and I'm not too far from there and if I missed a chance to meet you I'll be upset! You and your family are so cool.

Robin... you know the one... from ND...

I grew up in a town that size (no motel though). What a great trip. My Emma has the same shoes as Annie. Bugger to zip at our house. Working on my box to ship to the center. It is soooooo rewarding to just keep tossing things in. In the end, there will likely be two or three boxes. So excited!


I love your family and all that you do. You are just good, good people. It always makes me happy to see that there is still lots of good in this world. Tfs.

Jennifer Rutz

Thank you for sharing your pictures! I love the idea of a scavenger hunt. Can't wait to see the pictures from the rest of your trip :)


I agree with Nina. You guys rock. Can't wait to read Chapter 2.


I want to go on vacation with you!


Thanks so much for sharing! Love your family and all of the pictures - you guys are such good people!


What memories you are making. LOVE all the smiles, love that the kids really got to know the town and people there, love the playground with the real teeter-totter, slide and equipment, love that they play together and share with others....LOVE your parenting and time together...nothing can ever be better than these memories you are making. Keep taking those photos...makes me feel like I am riding along in the back seat. :)


One day, I hope your un-planned plan brings you to Texas. I would love to hang with y'all and have you over for dinner and sit around the firepit with a good ale or wine and let my husband make you a melt-in-your-mouth steak. :) Hope spring break was the best ever. Sounds like it was.

Rachelle Sims

what an awesome day! A perfectly "unplanned" day : )


I LOVE Mitchell! Did you go into the Baptist church at the top of the hill? One of my dad's best friends is the pastor there ... and that gym ... I played many a game in that place!

LOVED all the pictures - thanks for taking me back to a place I grew up visiting all the time ~

Lindsay in Eastern Oregon (from your first class ever)


Your pictures are always so wonderful. They tell a beautiful story. YOU have to get into some of them too though! Your kids would love to see you with them in years to come. I'm the photo person in my family too, and after umpteen years of pictures of the three of 'them' I started to hand my camera over to my husband and say "Take MY picture" Now he's better and just doing it, rather than being told to do it.
Kudos to you, for being able to 'go with it'.(the unplanned vacation, that is) I'm not a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl... I would have a sick belly, not knowing what to expect! Enjoy spring break!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

This was so fun! You're making some awesome memories for your kids!


That looks like an awesome "unplanned-plan"! And what a great scavenger hunt!


I like to have a plan as well however that day looked amazing ands you couldn't't have planned that if you tried... Ps day 2 you have to get in the photos too that 's why the self timer was invented... In the words of Nike "Just Do It" great family pics Regards Kathy A , Brisbane, Australia


You're a good sport, Nellie, to go along with an unplanned plan. Love the simplicity of day one!!!

p.s. Josh Downs has awesome calves!! Glad our military men look so fit!! :)

Laura BC

Please tell me more about the scavenger hunt! Such a great idea.


How GREAT! My husband and I are from Eastern Oregon and often drive from the Willamette Valley back home through Mitchell. I always wanted to stay there, but it seemed 'too silly' since we really wouldn't be all that far from our 'home'. Had Josh Downs been there before?

Doris D.

What a wonderful spring break and scavenger hunt. You two are so creative. You teach the kids by doing.


This is an AWESOME idea! I love that your children are seeing you model Christ-like behaviors... not just teach them. I haven't posted in a long time on your comments, but I've been following you for years. It's beautiful how you have shared with everyone your journey through life. You are an inspiration on so many levels, more than your photography. Cyber-love you, Sister! (because saying love you seems so weird!) lol

Nancy Wyatt

You guys are awesome!!

Tammy (Sweet blessings!)

I so LOVE this post! It screams the "Best Vacations our Family ever took" memories to be shared when your kids have children of their own! I also LOVE that you are taking time to teach your kids about sharing, giving, helping, .....and the fun they are having is all creative, homemade, real extraordinary fun!!!! May the memories of this trip always warm your heart too :) Sweet blessings!

Just finished reading though the full unplanned plan "series" (in reverse order!) - so many great ideas I plan to borrow, including the scavenger hunt, random volunteer work, and the rolls of quarters. Makes me want to run out and visit all the little towns throughout Utah :) Thanks for the inspiration.

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