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Nicky from Okotoks

What life is all about!! Thanks for sharing these very precious family moments!!


nice to see YOU in the pix for a change, blurry or not!! and the boat ride looks like too much fun!! is that in Oregon?? i really want to come visit now!!

Rachel Millington

I just want to be your scrapbooker! I could take your awesome photos and scrap them lol! I'm such a useless photographer myself... I know what I'm doing and I have the gear but I never use the camera! Doesn't help that I don't have kids to take photos of. But I'm such a lazy photographer. Can I just scrap your photos instead? Hahaha! And I am with the commenter above me, I so want to visit Oregon!


Oh the jetboats, so much fun! And your family always has so much fun together! I want an inappropriate family!:)

anne leglise

I love looking the pictures of your family.


What a fun family! I love the b&w conversion. How'd you do that? Or do you not want to share your secrets? :)


I love your blog Karen. Everytime I see photos like the ones you posted today, i can almost hear the laughter and commotion that must accompany your family on such adventures. Your photos really project the love your family has. This is what I try to achieve when I take photos of my family and I just wanted to thank you for all I learned from you. (I took one of your very first on-line classes back in the day.). And your Uncle was right about you. :)


Honest to goodness real life as your living it! WONDERFUL!


Fun, Family and laughter...make fantastic memories, and your photos are more than precious! I wish the computer could record the different expressions that people make as they view your that would be really fun too.



And your pics are always so expressive, you don't even have to give a narrative!


Totally love all the pics.......and more of you (yeh!!!) Looks like lots of fun you are very talented my friend. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Diane W.

I know how wet it can get on those boats... do you bring a plastic bag for your camera? I'm always scared to bring mine. Sure is a fun time though, we try to go every summer. Love how you captured the excitement of the trip!

sasha farina

when I saw the 'inapppropriate' family photos - i was so happy! because we do that too in my family! haha!! thanks for letting us know we're not alone!


Yes, your husband does look hunky in that b&w photo - BUT I am drawn to Courtney Lee in that photo. She looks GORGEOUS!!! Wonderful photos and I just love the story that you tell through them.


I love that your large family does stuff like that together! What great memories for the kids!


Funny, as I scrolled through the pictures I was thinking about how great you looked in the pictures and then I read the comment from your uncle. Must be true! And no I didn't say that for extra credit. ;)


Love the video... the kids looked so little! :)

Stacey from Texas Panhandle

OMG!!! You took your camera on the jet boat ride!!! You are my hero!!! I would do the EXACT same thing and now I know I am NOT the only crazy momma!!! Your pics and the video are PRICELESS!!!

Thanks for sharing! I so now want to take my family on a jet boat ride!!! THRILLING!!!


we LOVE the Rogue river, the jet boats and the lodges along the river. We have rafted the Rogue twice. thank you for bringing back such fond memories!!

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