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the painted hills are beautiful!! Looks like a fun family trip. your "laugh lines" look great in b&w...just shows how much you smile!


LOVE it!


Love it! I grew up in Eastern seeing pictures of places I know!

sharon Peters

Lovely post - I just wondered when Annie got to be so tall? She's suddenly shot up! Love your blog. X

Katie Johnson

My coworkers are wondering why I'm laughing so hard...poor Annie and her "I nearly dided" coment will have me smiling all day. Looks like a fabulous getaway!


Nothing better than Ole long as you have kleenex on hand. Another day of memories.....and it is so nice to see that you all are totally connected....without each being connected to their iphones. ENjOy!!!


I love the vibrancy of the life you and Josh are creating for your family; what incredible memories they will have!

amy emery

Love this. What an awesome way to start my day. "Letting God drive"--need to remember that today! Everyday. :) And helping strangers--what amazing stuff you are building into your children's lives.

Rachel Millington

I am loving the pictures of Oregon thank you! Someone asked me the other day if I could move anywhere in the world where would I go, and I said Oregon! But not so easy for this Kiwi living in the UK. I wish I could move to the US! And Mitchell does look awesome! Thank you for sharing the pictures, I am loving seeing the countryside and the mountains! I'd love to go on an unplanned trip with you guys, it looks fab! xXx


Love the life lessons you are teaching your children while making it fun in the process :)

Tara S.

I am loving following along with your unplanned-plan! What a great trip so far! Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Lol! Poor Annie! It's all so DRAMATIC at that age. Very cute - having lots of fun following along.


Looks like another fun filled day and glad to see a great b&w photo of yourself


Oregon is BEAUTIFUL!!! The Painted Hills, the snow-covered mountains. I want to live there when I grow up! (We used to live there in Portland when I was 2-4 yrs old.) Fun times.


You guys are seeing such neat things!
When I was about 3 or 4 I saw Old Yeller. Then my parents bought me a puppy, a white cocker spaniel poodle mix. I named him Old Yeller. I had him till I was 15 or 16. I liked him better than my brother, whom I got at 6.

Carrie T

I would have laughed if those cows took off after Josh!! LOL

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