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Robin Healy

Thanks for letting me ride shotgun!

jeny tyler

Loved being along! I have saved up lots of ideas from your trip for when my daughter is old enough! Great vacation.


That was fun to watch. Beautiful photos and admirable trip. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea from Germany

Thank you so much for taking us with you on this journey :-)


And I have loved every mile....and every smile! Thanks for sharing. You are simply the best!


Again, I am amazed at the photos inside the toy store. Here if you took your camera out, especially a big one, they'd ask you to put it away. I went to a park with a friend and took some photos, the kid that lives there as the care taker came around wanting money. On the way out, we noticed a sign that said "profession photographers must pay $50".

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I loved it! What a great trip. I kept thinking how big Cole is getting, and then you see that "eyebrow" shot at the counter and it's all - yep, there's the Cole we all fell for! The kiddos are all getting so big and are still so dang cute! Love it! For the next time you're at a hotel with a pool - bring some of those glow stick bracelets - a tube of 12 is around one or two dollars. They're fun in the pool at night.


what a great vacation you had. some day your kids will look back and realize how lucky they are. i love that you spent time in small towns, got to know the locals, helped out around town, visited churches and went to choir practice. too bad more families don't spend this kind of time together. and as usual some great photos for remembrances down the road. some day your grown kids will look at those and go "remember the time we.....".

p.s. yes i understand the pouts, and whines, and squabbles, and you needind personal time. also a part of family life, lol.


Karen...I am a past student of yours...please tell me what lens you used for these...was it the 24-70? Thanks!


thanks for sharing!! What an awesome trip...your kids will remember it forever! Love the b & w shot of Annie by the pool!

mandy friend

okay, the toy cole is playing with? it's called perplexus and if you didn't buy it you need to! we have a different version, the oringinal. they are fun for the whole family:)


Yum,Deschutes! A must stop for us when we are in Bend. Thanks for sharing, I'm stealing many of these ideas for my summer road trip through Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota.

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