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Looking forward to seeing your last day adventure. Looks like a beautiful area..and I am loving the service part of your trip...such a life lesson. You all are just the best. The swimming part gave me giggles..yea Annie....won't cave for money!!


I love this! Reading these updates has been the highlight of my mornings. The Unplanned Plan is amazing!

Jaclyn Finkbeiner

Thank you so much for taking your readers along for the ride!! I have really enjoyed reading about your vacation so far! And I agree with Janel, I love the service part of your trip!!

Julie in Aust.

Those kids are so lucky Karen....

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Loved this and the whole trip. Lucky kids to have you two as parents.


Coolest parents ever! What fabulous memories you have made on this trip.


That's too funny! I was saying to Kerry that it was so neat that you stayed at places where you were the only guests!
On the weekend we took a trip to the next city, a whole whopping 45 min. away. Kerry decided the back road was the way to come home. Part of it was on a dirt road, and I'm paranoid of dirt roads in the middle of no where. As we came around the corner and the dirt road came into view I yelled out "Dirt road!!! NO NO!!!" and now I am the laughing stock of the family.


I have thouroughly enjoyed reading all about your trip. These real life posts are just my favorite. You have such a blessed life!

Tammy Mallon

Hi there...I secretly stalk your blog :) Actually, somehow I found your blog..and just fell in Love with your genuine gift for capturing life through the lens of your camera and sharing your story God is writing as it unfolds! I have to tell you...I grew up in Richland, went to High School in Halfway,...because that's the only high school in the area...and that little Annie's Café...well it used to be called Flip's and belonged to my family :) So smiling when I saw this...and just had to THANK YOU for sharing the made my day! Hope you enjoyed the magic of small town life while you visited! Sweet blessings!

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