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What a fabulous post and tribute to your son! Happy Birthday Ross!


Awesome. And Awesome! You have raised a fine young man!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

This is amazing! Ross was a little bit younger than my son is now when I started reading your blog. Hard to believe that cute kiddo is all grown up! A very very Happy Birthday to Ross. Good job on raising that nice young man, Karen!

Stacey from Texas Panhandle

I love your relationship with your son!! What a beautiful thing!!

And Ross is amazing, because his mom is amazing!!!

Happy 21st Birthday!!!


happy happy birthday ross!!!! i love how much you love your mom!


so amazing. SO so amazing.
Happy Birthday to a great guy & happy day to a momma who's shown love beyond measure & is reaping what she's sewn <3

Paula S.

My son is 8 and I pray that I am able to say the same things about him as he gets older. Most days I worry that I am just not doing enough of the right things to help him along. He is amazing though and I need to have patience with both of us and faith in God's hand in raising him. Thanks for sharing this. A very, very happy birthday to Ross and "job well done!" to you!

Jennifer S

oh i adore this post - happy bday Ross!!!!!!!! The best thing about having a young mom, is being able to party with her. I treasure those memories!! even if it was that my mom out partied me and I was begging to go home and sleep Happy 21st!


I love how at 21, he still wants him mom to attend his birthday party. He's such a sweetie!!! How do you get such a wonderful son?


I got all teary when he said he wanted all his important ladies!
Hope he has a great birthday and that you get to see him soon!


Aww, Happy Birthday Ross!! Have FUN BEING 21!!!!! (but not too


He looks so grown up now! Happy 21st birthday Ross (who has such an amazing mom and family too!)

sasha farina

Happy Birthday Ross!! You're amazing!

Nancy Wyatt

Oh how this made me wish I had kids. So awesome! Happy Birthday Ross!!


Happy birthday, Ross.

Nicky from Okotoks

Happy 21st Birthday Ross. What a wonderful job you have done raising a amazing young man.
How wonderful to get this in writing!!! And so hard to believe when they start to grow up, where does the time go.

Jennifer M.

He's a good boy. You raised him right. :)


Happy Biryhday Ross you have an amazing mother who wanted the best for you even though she was a child herself. You have done yourself proud Karen as parenting is hard let alone when you are a single 19 year old. I take my hat off to you. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

robin... you know the one...

Thanks for sharing your boy with us... he is one year older than my Trevor and so many times I feel like you are telling my story. I totally would sit and feel sorry for myself for not making the trip too. But... don't sit and sulk too long. You have too many blessings to share with the world, and Ross would want you to carry on... cuz you raised him that way.

Mary Ann Jenkins

Happy Brithday Ross!! I can't believe he is 21, I first started reading your blog when he was 13 or 14.
Thanks for sharing him with us.


Love it! Happy Birthday Ross and....Karen you are such an inspiration!

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