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Nicky from Okotoks

Congrats Sunny - you will love it!!!


Congratulations, Sunny! See you in class! :)


Congratulations SUNNY!!!!

I'm curious, was there a buzz around the Pregnancy Center about all the donations?


God bless you for doing this! How wonderful it will be to be a fly on the wall when the checks start coming in... what great work the center is doing for women and their babies. This is what being a truly pro-life culture is all about.

As we move into Holy Week, I pray that your family is abundantly blessed. We are made by God to be self-gift, and it is true... our happiness and fulfillment are increased immensely when we spend ourselves for others, giving our lives away. I try to live this every moment, consecrated to God.

As an aside, I was in the beautiful Williamette Valley over the last two weeks {Portland/Salem/Corvallis/Eugene} - and I had the great joy of attending a Beavers baseball game! What a truly awesome team Pat Casey has assembled and fathers... he is a truly holy man. I got caught up in the Beavers spirit - I can see why your husband loves his alma mater so much.

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Thank you for posting the link to Andy's, so powerful. I'm going to have to save that for my boys when they hit that tween stage in just a few, short years (*sniff!*)


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the seat in your class! I'm so excited!!!! I just yelled it out to all my coworkers and made them come look! Thank you for being so generous (not only to me but to the girls at the center as well)!


I love Andy Stanley!! Thank You, Jesus for people like him....and people like you, Nellie. What a great idea y'all had!! You have such a big heart for the "mislabeled" people of this world--I love it! I'll be happy to send a donation to the Pregnancy Center too. <3

Potential Donor

A number of years ago- My Husband was a radiologist at a county hospital in a large city. They made a point of taking the time to show each pregnant momma who came in for a fetal ultrasound for dating purposes- most often in this particular hospital it was done for abortion purposes- They took the time to make the baby a person to the momma- pointing out the baby swallowing, or sucking it's thumb, for opening and shutting it's fist. Never did a mom who went through the ultrasound in this way ever choose to go through with the abortion. I can't think of a better cause then helping this facility obtain an u/s machine.

Potential Donor

PS You might want to give the center an anonymous heads up. They haven't processed donations made via paypal last week. I wonder how many are sitting unprocessed.


Congrats will love both!!


Congratulations, Sunny! Actually, I think we are all winners - those who donated and those who will receive - it always feel good to do something for others!


Karen thank you so much for posting the link to the video. Im a single mom and the message on being single was perfect. I truly believe the "waiting" time is actually time meant for personal growth. Espically when my prayer usually consists of asking for a good Christian spouse, it would make since my time should be focused on making myself the same :) Thanks for sharing~

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Congrats to the lucky winner! You'll love it!

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