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I hope you don't mind that I used PayPal instead of a cheque on this page ? It was just a bit easier from Australia :-)

Amy Farrell

What wonderful idea!! Sent some money love to the center from FL!

Jennifer Rutz

Thank you for creating such a happy, positive place on the internet! I just sent my donation. What a great idea!

Lisa Gibson

Done! And, in the same spirit, since I am already enrolled in the class and have Erin's tutorial, if my name is the lucky draw, I would like to be able to give the prizes away.

(I just had a smile thinking of your Center opening my envelope and wondering how and why they have a supporter in Canada. Thank you for starting my day with gratitude and a feeling of warmth and giving).


Can't think of a better way of spending my lunch a little extra.


What an amazing way to share the love! I am happily signing my name on a check for this and mailing today. You are such an inspiration!

Lisa C

Oh, I so wish I could do this. And maybe in a few weeks when things settle down a bit I can. I am my Grandmother's exectutrix, she passed a few weeks ago. And right now I am way in over my head with her bills, my own bills and just not enough pay check to go around. But I have written the address down and am hoping to brown bag lunch all next week so I can send that money instead to the Center. I just love what you are doing there, and what you are doing to help them here. You are as always an inspiration!!!

Katie Johnson

Oh boy...things like this give me goose bumps. I so wish I could be a fly on the wall when those ladies start getting checks and PayPal donations from all over the WORLD! It's a good thing you're doing Karen check is in the mail!


Check is in the mail - you are completely awesome!


I am so in!! As a maternity nurse I understand how valuable the mentoring is to these mothers. I wish we had a center near us that provided such comprehensive help for these moms to get back on their feet and to help them learn how to be good mothers to their babies!! Thank you for helping these women! You are fabulous Karen! Money is on its way!!


What an awesome idea!! Just sent a donation via PayPal.


Beautiful idea, Karen! I just sent a donation via Paypal.


You have no idea how much I admire you Karen, no idea...but He does. I will have a smile on my face from making this donation all day today. So thank you Karen, for being the wonderful you that you are!

Suzanne Gorhau

Check's in the mail (or in the electron field through Paypal). Thanks for your ministry!


You are one awesome chica! Sending a check in an envelope sealed with prayers :))

Sylvia B

What an awesome idea! You have such a big heart! I sent my payment to the center over paypal this morning. It's really great what you're doing.

Leah S

Having worked for a non profit, I can only imagine how very excited this unexpected surprise will be for them! You have a heart of gold. I made my donation via paypal this morning ~ so my check flew through the mail so to speak :)

Christine P

What a wonderful idea, Karen! Just donated via Paypal. Good luck!!!


I feel like I'm participating in the best surprise party ever!! Totally Paypal'd them. :)

Susan B.

Just donated. God bless you in all that you are doing to help these girls.

Molly Weight

This is so great Karen! The check is in the mail ... well, actually it was a paypal donation :) What a great cause. These girls are so blessed to have a mentor like you!

Pamela Quan

Donated via Paypal. I think it's wonderful what you are doing Karen!


I think it's an amazing think you are doing Karen and it doesn't surprise me one bit being the amazing person you are! I donated via Paypal!


Donated via Paypal. What a sweet thing to do. I hope you get a lot of responses and donations. God Bless both you and Erin for donating your time and energy to such a great thing! Its nice to have someone rally for them and to set a positive example!

Jeannie Denney

How sweet for them to be getting all these amazing donations suddenly! I donated via paypal. But know that they will be able to track traffic from your blog to their site, I'm certain your secret won't be safe for too long!

Jamie De Luna

My check is in the mail! This is such a great thing you are doing. Thank you so much for the chance to win a spot in this class and helping such a great organization.

Potential Donor

One Comment.... Would it be possible to have the center sign-up for paypal? It is the method I prefer to use to track donation.... and truthfully this is a charity I'd give to without entry into a drawing. It's a good cause!

Potential Donor

oops...saw the donor link...thanks


This is a great idea. I donated through paypal - easier from Norway. You have a big heart Karen and it is amazing that you find the time in your busy schedule to help others. But - of course everything you do is amazing!
Have a wonderful day ;o)

Cathy McKeon

Great idea! Made a donation through paypal! :)

Tera E

It is no wonder why you have readers from all around the world! The lives you touch are countless! Love that about you! The check is in the mail. xo


I made a donation through paypal. Happy too help!

danielle muller

just donated through paypal :)

so great...this makes me smile!


PayPal from Canada. Thank you for doing this, Karen. And everything else you are doing.


DONE! Couldn't be any easier to donate with Paypal....took exactly 5 seconds! Glad I could help! I love hearing your first hand experience. I know that you are going to make a positive role model to some lucky new mom! I was once one of those ladies with a baby on the way!

Love ya Karen!! You rock!


My check is definitely in the mail.....this is an awesome idea! Love the thought of them receiving all these checks out of the blue. Awesome!

Kari Carpenter

This really pulled at my heart strings, and does each time you blog about The Pregnancy Center... Mostly because I was/am a teen mom. My daughter is now 16, however it still sits in my mind that we are working to "overcome" teen pregnancy in our lives 16 years later and lucky me, I wouldn't have it any other way because it has absolutely made US who we are today. Which is actually finally something I am proud of! I am so inspired that you are giving back to this organization. As I said, each time you mention it, I always feel so called to at some point offer the same to a similar cause in my area. Since I haven't found that place here... YET, this is a wonderful opportunity for me to give back, so THANK YOU. What a blessing you are in so many ways Karen. Keep being YOU!

Rachelle Sims

Check is in the mail~ what a fun, fun mail day for them in the next few days! : ) And reading the comments above and where all the $ is coming from, is really, really Cool! : )


Made a paypal donation!! Hope they get lots of donations!

nicole prather

Anytime you can spread the word about Jesus, isnt that why we are here !

I donated through PayPal. And I admire you for donating your time to change at least one persons life ! Xxoxo


Donated with Paypal - awesome that you are doing this - can't stop thinking about how excited they'll be to see so many new donors. Love all the ways you think of to share your heart.

Jennifer Jessen

So excited to be able to help with such a great cause. Bless you for your giving heart. I happily donated through PayPal. You and all the girls you help are in my prayers.


Awesome! I love this! I donated via paypal!


easy peasy on paypal. Such good works.


Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help this worthy cause! Just donated via paypal. If you pick my name, I don't think I could give the classes the time they deserve right now. So if I do win, can you give the spot in your class to someone who has more time than I currently do? Thanks!

Audrey Eapen

Awesome cause Karen- just sent donation via Paypal


I have donated through Paypal! Thank you for your ministry and compassion!
God Bless!

Deene Souza

PayPal 'd a little donation! What a fun idea! Love it!


I used PayPal too. My sister was blessed by a similar ministry years ago, so these organizations always have a special place in my heart.

Susan Ringler

How did I ever survive without PayPal, lol. It so helps me "just do it" for important things like this. Will try to send them a bit each month, too. Love that you are walking your walk, Karen!

Rebecca Francis

You're awesome. And inspiring. I think I'm going to look around here and see if there's anything like this place that I could volunteer at. What an awesome thing they're doing. Great idea. :) I donated via paypal.

Robin DeBruyne

I love that this place exists and am happy to donate.


Oh my goodness! You are such a wonderful and caring individual. I loved how I was able to donate to an organization that I didn't even know existed! Thanks Karen for being so thoughtful and generous.


Love this! Donated via paypal. And am going to check out Arches New Hope, a similar source of support for young single mothers in my community. Thanks.

Julie Kiernan

Thanks Karen and Erin! What a great idea and worthy cause. My donation is made too!


Thank you for the work you do with these young girls. I'm sure the Pregnancy Center has touched many lives. I put a check in the mail today. I'm smiling too thinking of the volunteers opening a bunch of mail with checks! How fun for them!


Sent my donation!!!!! Glad to help!!!!

deAnne w

You are all amazing people! I am so happy to help and would also love to see the Pregnacy Center's faces when all this $$$ starts rolling in!

I made a donation via PayPal just now!

Thank you for all you do!


I'm sending a check today! :) Thanks for doing this, Karen ...

Yvonne C

What a great idea! I just made a donation through Paypal.
P.S. If you draw my name, please give the prize to another commenter. I love your blog and your photography, but I am definitely not a photographer! :-)

Melissa S.

This is very inspiring. Am happy to make a donation. Such good work.


Check is in the mail. Such a wonderful thing to do and I am happy to be a part of this! God is blessing me and I want to pass it on.


I was thrilled to make a donation today! Thanks for an opportunity to contribute!


What a great surprise for the Pregnancy Center. You are Awesome and Amazing!

Alena H

What a sweet person you are! I'm glad to help. I donated via Paypal. :)


Making a donation. And I'm already signed up for your class, so if I win, I'd love you to give that to someone else!


Just donated via paypal! I volunteered at a Pregnancy Center in Austin that also had the Earn While You Learn program and it was amazing!

Charisma Horton

I donated by paypal. This is a worthy cause even if I don't win...and I could tear up just thinking about the blessings they are feeling this very moment with all of the donations rolling in. Just to share a bit about how wonderful God is....I went on a mission to Haiti in NOvember. I visited an orphanage while I was there (heartbreaking...but also fulfilling.) It is run by an American couple fully operating on donations made by Christians..there are several times that they leave for the grocery store not knowing where their funds will come from by the time they drive there God has always put just enough in their account to feed the children. It's inspiring just to listen to all their testimony.....He is all powerful and he ALWAYS provides. He is using you to help glorify his kingdom today! SO many blessings.


Done! And CANNOT WAIT to hear the reactions when the center has a flood of donations-love that it will be a surprise-you are awesome!!!!

Wendy Cooper

I just donated through paypal....just wanted to say that you are awesome! An amazing photographer, too! God bless you!

Brenda Walker

What a blessing to use your talent to benefit the pregnancy center. I donated via paypal!

Sherry Connell

The checks in the mail!

Anita Guthrie

The check is in the mail and like so many others here I can't wait to hear how excited and surprised they are going to be when all this unexpected money starts rolling in! You have the biggest heart of anyone i know Karen, and thank you for the opportunity to help them keep on doing the good they do every day! :)


Seriously-you are the most amazing woman I know. If I was younger I would want you to adopt me into your cool little family. :-)

I'm donating via PayPal! Would love To be a fly on the wall when all this unexpected money starts rolling in!

Traci B.

I LOVE this cause! What a great ministry to help young women become strong and independent. :) I donated what I could through Paypal.

Regardless of prizes, or whatnot, I would love to see a reminder blog post once or twice a year so we don't forget that there is an ongoing need for assistance for The Pregnancy Center.

Nicky from Okotoks

Don't put my name on the list as I have already been blessed with this workshop and currently loving it.
Hope that it is just as amazing a gift to the person that wins!!!

Will be sending some money and a baby afghan in the mail to this wonderful cause.
So wonderful the lifes you touch girlie!!
God Bless

Mary Claire

Donated! What a wonderful gift; great idea!

Robin... the one from ND...

PayPal Donation Made. LOVE THIS!!! I was a teen mom with a ton of support. No idea what it would be like to be not only scared but alone and without support as well. Thanks for all you do Karen!

Timber Roland

Check is in the mail. What a great idea and what a wonderful heart you have!


Paypal has done it again! Thanks Karen for inspiring us all to join in...good luck one and all on the draw - we're all sooo excited. Roll on Friday :0)


I'm so glad you're doing this. I have spent a few hours reading on their website and Facebook page. They (and you) are doing incredible things. I know you are touching lives forever.


The check is in the mail... and you rock!

Cyndi S

Awesome! Check is in the mail! Love the whole concept!

Shae Jungkans

What a beautiful way to contribute to such a worthy cause.....and in such a selfless and giving way......always have loved you Karen, such a beautiful heart♥
Made a donation via PayPal.


Karen you are one SPECIAL person...this is such an awesome idea! It just gives me chills thinking of the center getting all of these donations. God Bless the girls and their babies and you and Erin too!! YOU GO GIRLS!!!!! Donation made! : )


You have the biggest heart of anyone I know Karen, and I love you to bits! Donation has been sent! ♥


My check is also in the mail. These comments make me cry thinking about how amazing our God is, how He orchestrates all this together! Thank you Karen & Erin for being beautiful vessels:) I decided to send a check to our local pregnancy resource center also and am going to pray to see if there is a way to do something similar with my clients:)


I love where your heart is Karen! I hope my little bit helps.


You have a heart of gold - you are the most down to earth person. Those girls are lucky to have you helping out. Donation made via Paypal!


I just sent a donation via paypal. Thank God for blogs like yours and people like you and websites like paypal. :)

Shawna Biletski

Another Paypal donation sent from Canada. What a wonderful thing you are doing for these girls Karen!


Donation sent! I've been feeling very self-centered lately...which I guess comes with the territory of being in "survival mode" with young kids and a full-time job (+ ooooh, laundry and sweeping the floors once in a while, eating, etc.). :) I've been searching (mostly in my heart) for something that would speak to me to "give back" and I feel like maybe this is it. I've done a little in my area and found several places that help young moms-to-be. Looking forward to finding out more about them. You are always an inspiration, Karen. I love that you do so much to help others. And while yes, you're helping the moms, those little babies will have a much brighter future because of you too. <3 Thank you!!

Jill E

Check is in the mail via PayPal. What a way to make a difference. Great idea!!


The check is in the mail - what a fantastic idea you had! You are such an inspiration!!!


You really think of the most unique ways to help people in need and the amazing thing is, I don't think you really have to try that hard, I believe you are just a good person! You're such an inspiration! I made my donation via Paypal and while it would be a dream come true to win this prize, I would prefer not to be considered for it. One day, when I've finally saved up enough to get a DSLR I will be back to take your class,

Linsey H.

just sent it in via PAYPAL! What an awesome thing to be apart of!!!! :-) Even without the prizes!!! Imagining the faces at that center when this money starts rolling in and they have NO IDEA why!!! Amazing!!!!!!!! Sometimes it's fun to be a small answer to prayer, to be able to help God meet a need instead of always asking him to meet ours!! Love it :-)

Gina B.

I donated through PayPal. They are going to be so surprised to get all these donations. What great work you do!


What a fantastic idea! As a former teen mom myself, I love that centers like this exist and wish that I had had access to something like this all those years ago. My check is in the mail :)


My paypal would not work so I will send mine in the mail. You constantly inspire me. thank you.


What a fantastic, wonderful thing you are doing. I wish I could see the look when they start receiving donations in the mail. Check is in the mail via paypal!

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