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Nicky from Okotoks

so excited for Cole!!


I'm going to miss you too Karen! My husband was saying the same thing about The Bachelor. Then he asked if e had to suffer through The Bachelorette! I'll have to check out that Spotify thing. Does it do the same thing as iTunes?


Spotify is brilliant! It has totally changed the way I listen to music.


Believe looks awesome! I just checked it out and (sadly) it is the same weekend as my oldest son's confirmation. Boo. I hope Cole has an incredible time!

My friend keeps telling me to switch from Pandora to Spotify, but I seem to have gotten about four of my stations set exactly right and I don't want to abandon them just yet. I may be on the verge of switching, though.

Considering the purchase of Lightroom before I start your class in a couple of weeks. Hmmmmm....

I hope you have a good day, too!


I love orange tic tacs but I don't buy them because I eat them one after the other. I can't stop till they are gone! Then I want more.


You will have to check out Kate from Hometown Workshop on spotify she has some mixes.

Sara Mangan

I believe you will get your running mojo back. When I run, I hate every second of it until about 20 minutes into the run. You will feel that "feeling" again!

I may have to try your "calm" pills. Any weird side effects?

Beth Walford

I'm thinking about the Olympic tri too (my cousin is the double ironman). I've only ever done a sprint, it's pretty intimidating!!


I'm a runner, too but there's no triathalon in my future! You go, girl ...


Please do another Triathlon (though it's easier said than done, especially when I'm the one glued to the sofa). But you're setting an example to your kids. I mean why else would they enjoy running so much? They take after their mommy (somewhere down there, they want to have accomplishments like you). And it's an encouragement to people like us who can NEVER EVER even run a mile.

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