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Rachelle Sims

ahhh! So sweet! :)


I'm impressed - my son only wants to flip me over the back of the couch, although he is now older and house hunting - he was looking at a house with a downstairs bedroom that we could live in eventually and be closer to my brother (not sure why on that one!).

Jenn Bergamini

That is beautiful and a testament to your faith and parenting. May the Lord continue to bless your family!


Lovely words! Thanks for sharing!

Nicole B

You are so incredibly lucky to have two amazing men in your life who love, care, and protect you.

Nicole Prather

So sweet !


I think you both are great parents!! You have two fabulous boys, Karen.


Ahh! Love it.


This made me tear up!
My son only wants to learn how to scare me from a safe distance so that I don't punch him. I usually think he's a zombie and automatically punch who ever is in arm's reach.


LOVE this!! I tell my husband that our boys will remember his actions much more than his words, and I hope that when they are Coley's age they start showing these same actions!


Oh so beautiful! The sweetness of your son, the kindness to share with your husband, and of course, your awesome husband! :)


Love! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Jo Griego

I love hearing stuff like this! Kids will definitely learn from their parents whether it be good or bad and what they learn will be modeled in their lives down the road. That thought should be on the forefront of parents' minds at all times before doing anything or saying something. Children emulate what they see and hear.

Linda Atkins

Wonderful! Good parents, both of you.


Your little boy is growing up to be a little man, protecting you and the rest of his family. Actions speak louder than words and you guys are doing a great job setting an example.


He is going to be a fine man...a product of two wonderful parents. I have to add, that you are doing an amazing job being a wife as well. Marriage is not always easy but it is always better when a spouse can let the other spouse know how great thy are doing!

Katie J

Oh my gosh that makes me cry. You two are such good parents!


You are so unbelievably blessed Karen! Thanks for sharing!

Julie in Aust.

He's becoming the man I would wish for my daughters Karen...wishing I had a couple here! But with 3 sons...I want them all to be the hero in some lady's life...and Josh is being a perfect role model. You are all a little blessed.


Beautiful. Simply beautiful. <3


Awwww...I'm finally catching up on all your blog posts and this one melted my heart. He's a keeper!

Nancy Wyatt

love. pass the tissue please. sigh


You look so beautiful!

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