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Goodness...such gorgeous photos. I never tired at looking at your memories. Every shot seems to be a story in itself, and I can spend so much time just making each one into my own little version. Really beautiful and poignant. Are you putting your shots into books? They really are SO very special. Thanks for the mini vacation....and as I am sitting 8" of snow...that beach looks fabulous!


Awesome shots, as usual, love the one of Annie on the grass.
I can't even imagine wearing bathing suit right now, or going in the ocean! We have sun today, but the last week has been crazy weather, hail, rain, snow, wind, -3(27) or so. Today is 4 (39).


Makes me wish I could be there, too. I may have to go check out a place to book!


I LOVE your photos, thanks for sharing. Your perspective and composition are fabulous. I would put the photo of Annie on the grass on a canvas, love it!

Cindy Welch

What I always see when I look at your photos is not the great composition, white balance, exposure. What I see is the memories. The family fun. Those are priceless...


Awesome shots!! Love your family mini vacations. We woke up to 6 inches of snow...BLA! I need sunshine and warm weather!

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