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:) Cute series. :)

Stacey from Texas Panhandle

I hate it when I drop my grapes in the sand!!! Dangit. I think you saved the best to last!!!


She is adorable and I think she looks sooooo much like you. I would love to see a picture of you at Annie's age, along side a picture of her.

Crystal Thomas

Love those pictures and the story it tells


I love it! I thought the last picture would be of tears but she's very resourceful!

Jennifer S

i agree, you could not keep those shots of adorable annie from us :) good call!


Love how resourceful she is! Too cute!!

pas cher new era

Oportet quod sit proprius quis investigabit weblog ex hoc loco. Intellegeretis multus EIUS virtualiter arduum aduersantes tibi (non illum EGO vere opus fore, ... HaHa). Vos definite novum ponam nent in topic thats scripta de pro annis. Nice effercio, iustus magna!


Oh man! Thanks for the smile! :)


I love this series!


lol! love it!!!

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