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Nicky from Okotoks

good job girls!! looks like a perfect meal.
Your tile looks great in the kitchen and I have to ask how you like your double oven.


A delicious, sweet, yummy, tasty, scrumptious dinner....made by the sweetest girls ever. And of course with a little help from their supportive and loving family. Enjoy the weekend.

Catherine A.

What sweet girls you have!
My 10 year old daughter loved this post. She asked me to ask Courtney Lee (you) if she likes the cookbook. If she does, what's the name of it. Your sweet girls have inspired her to try making us a meal. The love is spreading to us.


Looks great! I also enjoyed your post on chores and pocket money this week - think I might try out that system too, as I think it might work, unlike the many other 'systems' I've tried to put in place.


Is that the Faith Girlz cookbook?


Will the girls be catering the workshop?

Robyn :)

Great job girls!!!!


What a good mom letting her girls cook!! #Iwouldntwanttodealwiththemess
You rock, Nellie! :)

p.s. I am sooooo digging Andy Stanley's latest series!!!


Sounds yummy. What's the name of the cookbook?

Maria Glazener

Looks like a fun time was had by all! I love their expressions!

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By the sweetest girl ever. Of course, provide a little help support and loving family. Enjoy the weekend.

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