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i posted the farmer video on facebook this morning too :) and the clydesdale horse one got me just the same....

the taco bell one? priceless...and that's how I wanna be when i get old!

love you.

Patty Hetrick

I LOVED the Dodge/Paul Harvey/farmer commercial. Everyone stopped and listened closely. Very touching. I grew up listening to Paul Harvey and still listened to him as much as I could into adulthood. I miss him.


I'm married to a farmer and that commercial is a perfect portrayal of our profession..... so nice to see it given the attention it deserves!


Love Annie's missing tooth & your new kitchen backsplash! Will you post pictures when it's done?


Those tiles are phenomenal! Love it all!


where did you get those beautiful tiles???? they are amazing!!!

Corrine C

Awesome tile! Wow.

And yes the farmer ad was amazing and the best and all that. But the Taco Bell commercial was my favorite of the night.

Nicky from Okotoks

Love love love the new tiles in your kitchen - it reminds me of a classic quilt!! Can't wait to see the finished product.
Thank you for sharing.


((but I love farmers, powerful photography and Paul Harvey, and therefore, I love this.))

Love this, too, for exactly the same reasons!!


Once again you blow me away! Thanks for sharing! Love the new tile! And those commercials really got me too!


Did you see the Budweiser commercial? Makes me cry.
I don't like sports, so the only bowl I'm interested in is the one with the best snacks in it!
The balloon made me think Annie swallowed her gum and then let a little gas out!

Kim in Vacaville

Love, love, love your pictures (as always!). Please share where you found the amazing kitchen tiles.


I loved seeing that Annie got a Furby for Christmas too because Sienna did also. That is the only thing she wanted and oh how she loves it. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Ashley S.

Love the tiles as well. Loved seeing your everyday.

Julie Pilch

Love these pictures! My girls also got Furby's for their birthdays just after Christmas. And co-incidentally my just 7 year old got the same colour as Annie! I am currently listening to my girls eating breakfast whilst Furby is chatting away. Thanks for sharing great pictures xxx

Gina Crowley

Tiles = Awesomeness!!!

And that Clydesdale commercial..I've cried every time I watch it.

Nicole Campbell

love ALL the pictures! LOVE the tile!!! LOVE everything about your house!!!!!! and family! And those were my 2 favorite commercials too!

Becky K.

I'm with all the others - loving the tiles. They would look great in a bathroom too.

linda t

I have been reading your blog for years and blessed by your profound words of truth. You are an amazing Mom and a gifted writer. And then to find out you love farmers and Paul Harvey, well, that just made me so happy! I'm a farmer's daughter from Wisconsin, who drove out west with a friend when I was 20, and still here 35 years later. I love my life, my husband and kids, but missed the farm, even though we drove home every summer. Well, a year ago my husband & I made a YouTube video using Paul Harvey's moving speech (that he gave at a National FFA Convention in 1978) along with photos of the farm that we have taken over the many years, as a tribute to my Dad who died in 2009. How cool to then see the amazing Dodge Ram commercial Sunday night. Wow! Anyway, I would love for you to see the video we made ~


Extra bonus points for Yans for having her Snapshots of A Good Life Binder!


I am trying to imagine my husband green lighting that tile, and I am utterly failing. You are a lucky girl is so many ways.

Suezi Gurzi

The tiled backsplash says Karen Russell to the core!!! Love it! Please post pics when it is finished!


LOVE that backsplash! Seriously made me gasp!!! Please share the finished kitchen!!!


Your everyday posts have always been my favorite. Since the beginning! Im so glad you are doing them again. And that backsplash! For reals?! How did you come up with that? Amazing!


I have been searching the blog for the post with teh tiles - where oh where did they come from?

Washington DC Divorce

I love those kitchen tiles. The colors are just perfect. I'm sure my daughter will love it if I put something like that on our kitchen.

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