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mandy friend

i LOVE that song. God has placed you right where you are to be light. you haven't walked the path you've walked out fo nothing, God is making all things work together for good. He will do so in those girl's lives as well. Pray for them, love on them, then release them. Only God can heal them. I admire you for walking out your faith. Jesus ate with and talked with the broken, how Christ-like you are being to do so as well. <3

robin... from ND... you know the one...

God Bless the girls, the babies, and all of you wonderful people who help them through.


Thank you for your work...hang on to hope...The roses that are so beautiful have many thorns.....your example and love cannot be measured. You DO make a difference.


So much hope in that song. Love it.


I LOVE that band!! All their songs speak so loudly to me!! Thank you always for sharing. You inspire in SO many ways. :~*


I know that you are helping someone right now who appreciates your efforts. Some may not get what you are saying or doing today but most will get it at some later date. May God bless you and the girls you are working with.


I really never comment, never feel like I have much to add. But today, today you have touched my life. My 17 year old daughter is facing a very difficult time in her life. She is loved and supported in our home but the world can be so cruel to a girl just trying to find her way. Today when I dropped her off at school she was WORN. I left with tears in my eyes wishing I could ease her trouble, wishing I could bear her cross for her.I clicked over to this song and the tears started with the first line. She is reverent in every aspect of the word. Through her example I have learned to be more faithful. But at this time in her life she is struggling to find the lesson God is intending her to learn. I will share this with her as soon as she gets home today.
Thank you for your words today. You have touched this momma and will touch another young woman trying to make her way in life.
And please know this, I will pray for the young women across the country from me as they struggle.


Thank you for this! This couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you for posting real, real stuff. It is so comforting to know that others feel this way and that it is OK and that we can pray and try to get back up on our feet again.


I hope that because these girls are at the Pregnancy Center, they are on their way to a better life. I wouldn't give up the life I have now, but if there was some sort of support for me when I was younger, things would have been different. I like to think I'd still end up where I am, but maybe I would have gotten here faster.

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

I love love love that song. AirOne has been playing a little snippet where the lead singer describes why he wrote it (as a new father), but it's something I relate to in my own life, dealing with the busy-ness and struggles of raising two little boys who are finding their own (often defiant) little voices. Which, I think, is the mark of a great song that is's relevant to many people in many situations. I don't often comment, but wanted to let you know that someone you've never met is inspired by you, your honesty, and your journey. Thank you for sharing your life!


Thanks for the sharing.. Im worn from another my situation life so my daugther.

nicole prather

i love that song. and it resignates to my whole being !! the times in our lifes.

Nicky from Okotoks

Nothing like having a cry on any day!! Thank you for sharing. God bless you for what you are doing with these young lifes that just need a touch of love and hope!! Life is good.


Karen This lesson changed my life. Take anything bad, and find one good thing within it. I promise, swear, there is one good thing. If the lesson is done often, finding the good in the bad will naturally happen, changing ones outlook and tude, about life. Hope it helps someone, it has for me and those surrounding me.


thank you for this song...remember the seinfeld episode where "worlds collided"? well, my old friends posted something about 10th avenue earlier this week and I had no idea who they were referring, I do ;) and, LOVE the new pics in the header!!!!!!


Sitting here with tears streaming down my face...thank you so much for sharing Karen.


Love this song, Karen if you ever get to see Tenth Ave North in concert...GO. they were here in Kirkland a couple of months ago and I left with such a renewed spirit.


Awesome song...i love it! God bless all those girls at the pregnancy center and you, for being a blessing in their lives.


That song never fails to give me chills when it comes on. You are such a blessing to those girls. Don't be discouraged. Sometimes the smallest thing can make the most difference.

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