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Love these! Thank you!


Hello!! I love the pics of each of you on the couch! And I could spend all day in a book store! I think I need to drive to Medford! Maybe Gabe will redeem his lunch date for a restaurant down there!:)

mandy friend

laughing because i took my kids to the medford costco today and conner saw the lego bible and was BEGIING for it. i'm thinking an Easter gift...


Oh I miss the days you designed for Creative Imaginations. I still have a few papers, stickers and rub ons hoarded away that I really should use. Thanks for the cute Lunch Date tickets!!

jen r

I love your shirt in this post! Would it be weird to ask where you got it? And, I've gotta say about the previous post -- it is SO weird to see Annie in jeans!! She looks super cute though!
Love these lunch date ideas.


i love going to book store. sadly those are closing up one by one :( i am curious as to why you use a self timer as opposed to a remote shutter. i just recently bought one & i love love love it! trying to be creative to hide the remote in my hand, but nevertheless so much easier :)

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i like your blog , every post is cool

Lisa C

Thank you for sharing.

The cards, and your life.

I know you don't feel it, but you are truly an inspiration.

I want to be like you when I grow up! :) <3


Thank you so much these are great. Technical question do you pick up them up from school just for the lunch hour or for the afternoon

Maria Glazener

Such a great idea! I really need to use it more often!! Thanks for the the freebies!

nancy boothe

5th picture down: Never saw that exact smile on Coley before, and just wow! It somehow seems like a peek at the future man he will become. I'm so in love with that boy.


Did I miss something about Annie being called Yans? Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

Corri C

I love that picture of you on the red couch. Beautiful.


I never comment, but had to this time. I recommend reading the reviews for the Lego brick Bible on Amazon, or better yet--on the official web site of the author. Unfortunately, this bible was written by an athiest and is his interpretation of events, rather than of actual events. Lots more to be said.....I would just look into it yourself on the web site.


Such a good looking kid! I love that you are getting so many photos of you too! I wish my Canon had that feature!


Curious like Imene. Do the kids get to skip the rest of the school day or just their lunch period? Gorgeous pictures as always!


Well, someone beat me to this comment, but i also felt the need to go ahead. Please find out a bit more about the Lego bible. It is not what it seems. I have not seen the actual book, but have been on the website. There is some very disturbing content. Sad that something that seems so innocent really is not.


The lunch ticket idea is a great one! Thank you so much for sharing. And isn't the relationship between mom's and son's a great one! :-) I hadn't heard of the LEGO Bible concept before and checked it out right away. My son is definitely getting this as one of his First Communion gifts next month!

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